cachi'cachi'³nheatcalorUun cachi' ndo'o tu'vana ya'a̱nj. It is very hot at the beach. Hace mucho calor en la playa.Ne̱ nu̱' ne'e nuún soj se vaa avii nana̱ yuva̱a̱ rej rque̱ rej sur, ne̱ nu̱' taj soj se vaa da̱j doj ca'na̱' ndo'o cachi' taj soj, ne̱ v da̱nj 'yaj xa̱' cachi', ne̱ maan ndo'o na̱nj ado̱nj. And all of you also understand that when the fierce wind comes from down in the south much heat will come and then after than really it will be hot and it will rain a very much.And when the south wind blows, you say, ‘It’s going to be hot,’ and it is. LUK 12:55The noun cachi' 'heat' is typically used with some verb like uun 'become', 'yaj 'do, make', or 'na' 'come'5.5.4Burn8.3.4Hot1.1.3WeatherClima5.5.5What fires produceLo que produce el fuegoaga' cachi'heaterna'maân cachi'nuu cachi'be hot