Entries explained


A simple entry in the ... dictionary consists of a headword, which is a link, followed by the abbreviation for the part of speech.  Then the translations are given next (first in Swahili, then in English). These may be followed by example sentences and links to related entries.


bhoono ke sasa; now


*eginguru nm nguvu; power, strength; Hanu ritariho ering'ana rya Waryubha, eginguru gya Erisambwa giraamba okutunga.Pasipo neno la Mungu, nguvu za Shetani zinaanza kutawala.; Where the word of God doesn't exist, the power of Satan begins to rule.

A more complex entry may have related meanings listed after each number.


*ahasi nm 1) mahali, sehemu; location, place

2) eneo; area