The Daasanach language is spoken by 66,630 worldwide, including 48,230 in Ethiopia mainly in the Southern Nations' region, Nationalities, and in the Peoples’ region: lower Omo river, along Lake Turkana. A good number, 31,400, are monolinguals.

The language is classified as Afro-Asiatic, Cushitic, East, Western Omo-Tana. The ISO code is [dsh].

Mother tongue speakers use the term Af Daasanach for their language. Alternate names include: Af ’Daasanach, Daasanech, Dama, Dasenech, Dathanaic, Dathanaik, Dathanik, Dhaasanac, Gallab, Galuba, Gelab, Geleb, Geleba, Gelebinya, Gelubba, Gheleba, Marille, Merile, Merille, Morille, and Reshiat. Some also speak Amharic [amh] and Arbore [arv].