The Daba alphabet

This is the alphabetical order used to arrange the Daba words in this dictionary:

a b ɓ c d ɗ ə e f g gb gw h hw i j k kp kw l m mb mgb n nd ng ngw nj o p r s sl t u v w y z zl

The pronunciation of the tones is indicated between square brackets after the entry word as follows:

   ́   Acute accent: High tone

   ̀   Grave accent: Low tone

  ̄    Dash over vowel: Mid tone

An acute accent (high tone) after certain disyllabic words indicates that the following word carries a high tone:

takal [tàkālˊ] n. tortoise - huunyaare

gugun [gùgūnˊ] n. stone, rock - hayre