Dagbani is the major language of the Northern Region of Ghana, and is spoken by the Dagomba people.

If you click the link below to (view or) download the Dictionary you will find an introduction explaining the history of the material and Dr. Tony Naden's involvement in its compilation. This is followed by the dictionary of over 7000 main entries Dagbani-English, and then an index of English glosses to help to find Dagbani words with particular meanings. Each entry also has cross-references to other entries related in form or meaning.

Dagbani dictionary

Major Phase Print-out
24 th . October 2014
compiled by Tony Naden (G.I.L.L.B.T.)

The dictionary entries in this file are more comprehensive then what is available through the search box.
[PDF, 10MB]

This work and its downloadable content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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