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ᦈᦲᧂciŋ¹adjectivehard; solidᦺᦙᧉ ᦈᦲᧂ.Solid wood., firmᦺᦂᧈᦈᦲᧂᦶᦋᧆᦈᦲᧂᦓᧄᧉᦈᦲᧂᦺᦙᧉᦈᦲᧂ
ᦺᦙᧉᦷᦢᧈmaj⁶boo²nounbamboo wood. [Note: This contrasts with ᦺᦙᧉ ᦈᦲᧂ 'solid wood'.]ᦺᦙᧉᦈᦲᧂ6.5.3Building materialsᦺᦙᧉ1ᦷᦢᧈ1
ᦶᦋᧆᦈᦲᧂcæt⁵ciŋ¹1adjectiveclear; obviousᦀᦳᧇᧈ ᦅᧄ ᦶᦋᧆ ᦈᦲᧂ ᦠᦹᧉ ᦝᧂ.He spoke clear words to her., unknown2post-verbclearlyᦅᦾᧈ ᦙᦱ ᦶᦑᧆ ᦵᦑᧄ ᦃᦸᧉ ᦊᦴᧈ ᦣᦱᧁ ᦂᦲᧃ ᦶᦋᧆ ᦈᦲᧂ.Let's compare their standard of living clearly., unknownᦶᦋᧆᦈᦲᧂᦂᦱᧃᦶᦋᧆᦈᦲᧂ
ᦓᧄᧉᦈᦲᧂnam⁶ciŋ¹noununboiled waterᦺᦓ ᦓᧄᧉ ᦈᦲᧂ ᦙᦲ ᦘᦰ ᦍᦱᧆ: ᦂᦲᧃ ᦓᦲᦰ ᦋᦱᧂᧈ ᦙᦲ ᦺᦃᧉ.In unboiled water there is disease; drink it and you might get sick.1.3Waterᦓᧄᧉ1ᦈᦲᧂ
ᦺᦂᧈᦈᦲᧂkaj²ciŋ¹nounnon-fighting rooster6.3.6.1Chickenᦺᦂᧈᦈᦲᧂ
ᦺᦙᧉᦈᦲᧂmaj⁶ciŋ¹nounsolid wood; hard wood. [Note: This contrasts with ᦺᦙᧉ ᦷᦢᧈ 'bamboo wood'.]ᦺᦙᧉᦷᦢᧈ6.5.3Building materialsᦺᦙᧉ1ᦈᦲᧂ
ᦂᦱᧃᦶᦋᧆᦈᦲᧂkaan¹cæt⁵ciŋ¹nounclarityᦵᦗᦲᧈ ᦶᦏᧄ ᦂᦱᧃ ᦶᦋᧆ ᦈᦲᧂ ᦅᦸᧉ ᦀᦲᧅᧈ ᦶᦏᧄ ᧒ ᦕ ᦂᦱᧃ.In order to increase clarity they have added two points.ᦎᦲᧆ ᦋᦱᧇ ᦂᦱᧃ ᦶᦋᧆ ᦈᦲᧂ ᦞᦱᧈ ᦩᦱᧄ ᦠᧃ ᦷᦎ ᦆᦲᧂ.Express your own opinion clearly. (literally: Express your opinion according to clarity.)ᦂᦱᧃᦶᦋᧆᦈᦲᧂ
ᦓᧄᧉᦷᦝᧆnam⁶fot⁵nounboiled waterᦺᦓ ᦓᧄᧉ ᦈᦲᧂ ᦠᧃᧉ ᦙᦲ ᦘᦰ ᦍᦱᧆ, ᦂᦲᧃ ᦓᧄᧉ ᦷᦝᧆ ᦡᦲ.In unboiled water there is disease. It is good to drink boiled water.ᦇᦴ ᦗᦲᧆ ᦷᦃᧇ ᦎᦸᧆᧈ ᦓᦲᦰ, ᦀᧁ ᦓᧄᧉ ᦷᦝᧆ ᦂᧆ ᧞ ᦓᧄᧉ ᦡᧂᧈ ᦌᦰ ᦌᦽᧈ ᦣᦾ ᦢᦱᧆ.If you get a snake bite, use cold boiled water and soap to wash the wound.1.3Waterᦓᧄᧉ1ᦷᦝᧆ