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ᦉᦵᦖᦲsamɤɤ¹5001adjectiveregular; evenᦍᦻᧉ ᦐᧅ ᦢᧁᧈ ᦉ ᦵᦖᦲ.His bowel movements aren't regular.ᦵᦃᧁᧉ ᦢᧁᧈ ᦵᦟᧃᧈ ᦉ ᦵᦖᦲ.Her teeth are not even.ᦖᦴ ᦑᧂ ᦆᦱ ᦺᦡᧉ ᦺᦊᧈ ᦉ ᦵᦖᦲ ᦂᧃ.The whole litter of pigs grew up at the same speed., space8.; normalᦅᦳᧃ ᦕᦴᧉ ᦵᦓᦲᧉ ᦷᦎ ᦉ ᦵᦖᦲ.People whose bodies are normal (they have no disease). a standard8.; properlyᦑᦳᧃᧉ ᦍᦴᧉ ᦵᦟᦲᧆ ᦟᦳᧄ ᦵᦑᧁ ᦒᦸᧂᧈ ᦉ ᦵᦖᦲ ᦡᦲ.It promotes our blood to circulate regularly.ᦁᦱᦙ ᦃᦱᧄᧈ ᦔᧁᧈ ᦟᦳᧄ ᦃᧁᧉ ᦺᦔ ᦔᦸᧂᧈ ᦉ ᦵᦖᦲ.Be sure you can blow air through it properly.ᦉᦵᦖᦲᦵᦏᦲᦆᦹᧂᧈᦌᦹᧂᦉᦵᦖᦲSanskritsamasame
ᦉᦵᦖᦲᦵᦏᦲᦆᦹᧂᧈsamɤɤ¹tʰɤɤ¹xɯŋ⁵pre-verbwith justice; fairly (literally: cut evenly in half)ᦉ ᦵᦖᦲ ᦵᦏᦲ ᦆᦹᧂᧈ ᦶᦎᧆ ᦂᦱᧃ.He decided justly.ᦉᦵᦖᦲᦵᦏᦲᦆᦹᧂᧈ