English – Dai Lue


1ᦓᦹᧂᧈ 1one. [Note: The numeral one is written as a single digit, or when part of a larger number. The number one (like other numbers) precedes the classifier. When ᦓᦹᧂᧈ follows the classifier it is not a number, but an indefinite demonstrative (see sense 2)]500
1,000,000ᦟᦱᧃᧉ1one million
1,000,000,000ᦑᦴᧉone billion (one thousand millions)
10ᦉᦲᧇten. Written as ᧑᧐500
10,000ᦖᦹᧃᧈten thousand500
10,000,000ᦎᦹᧉten millions
100ᦣᦾᧉ1one hundred. Written as ᧑᧐᧐500ᦔᦱᧅ2one hundred
100,000ᦉᦲᧇᦖᦹᧃᧈhundred thousand (literally: ten ten-thousands)ᦶᦉᧃ1 2hundred thousand. [Note: The word ᦶᦉᧃ is often used to mean 'a large number', where in English we might say 'millions'. The number 100,000 is more commonly expressed as ᦉᦲᧇ ᦖᦹᧃᧈ 'ten ten-thousands']500
100,000,000ᦷᦂᧆᧈ1a hundred millions2000
1000ᦗᧃ1one thousand500