ᦔᦲ1pii¹5001nounyear. [Note: The Tai lunar year starts with the new moon in October. The solar year is figured by the ᦈᦳᧃ ᦟ ᦉᧅ ᦂ ᦟᦱ ᦋ Culasakarat or 'little era' calendar. The CS year begins on April 13 when the sun enters the constellation Aries. CS 1 = AD 639-640; CS 1362 = AD 2000-2001. Solar years are given names using the intersection of a 10-year cycle ᦶᦙᧈ ᦂᦱᧇ ᦺᦈᧉ mææ⁵kaap²caj³, and a 12-year cycle ᦶᦙᧈ ᦔᦲ mææ⁵pii¹. This gives a cycle of sixty unique names. The Gregorian calendar is also commonly used. See ᦵᦡᦲᧃ dɤn¹ 'month' for more information about the calendar.]ᦈᦳᧃᦟᦉᧅᦂᦟᦱᦋᦉᧂᦃᦱᧃ1ᦉᧅᦃᦱᧆ 1ᦶᦙᧈᦂᦱᧇᦺᦈᧉᦶᦙᧈᦔᦲᦵᦡᦲᧃ1 2ᦔᦲ ᦂᦻ. Last year.ᦔᦲ ᦐᦱᧉ.Next year.ᦔᦲ ᧒᧐᧑᧙ ᦷᦎ.The year 2019.ᦔᦲ ᦟᦻ ᦶᦉᧃ.A 'laaj saen' year. [Note: 'laaj' is the third year in the ten-year cycle; 'saen' is the ninth year in the twelve-year cycle. In this way there is a name for each year in the 60-year cycle. The 'laaj-saen' years are AD 2076, 2016, 1956, 1896, 1836, 1776, 1716, 1656, etc.] for yearsᦁᦱ ᦍᦳ ᦺᦡᧉ ᧑᧖ ᦔᦲ.He was sixteen years old.ᦷᦃᧇᧈᦔᦲᦃᧁᧉᦔᦲᦓᦱᦔᦲᦔᦲᦂᦻᦔᦲᦂᦸᧃᧈᦔᦲᦂᦸᧃᧈᦔᦲᦌᦹᧃᦔᦲᦷᦎᧅᦵᦡᦲᧃᦏᦻᧈᦔᦲᦺᦓᦔᦲᦺᦖᧈᦔᦲᦵᦡᦲᧃᦞᧃᦍᦱᧄᦷᦙᧂᧈᦗᧃᦔᦲᦛᦻᧉᦔᦲᦛᦻᧉᦷᦋᧈᦜᦱᧉᦔᦲᦝᦱᧉᦶᦟᧂᧉᦔᦲᦵᦃᧄᦝᦱᧉᦡᦲᦔᦲᦏᦳᧅᧈᦞᧃᦔᦱᧅᦔᦲᦷᦠᦔᦲ1ᦠᦱᧂᦔᦲ

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