ᦌᦹᧂ1sɯŋ⁴1verb (transitive)to catch; imprisonᦙᧃ ᦈᦸᧉ ᦋᦲᧃ ᦌᦱᧉ ᦍᧇ ᦌᦹᧂ ᦺᦞᧉ.He was caught and put in prison by the police.ᦵᦙᦲᧈ ᦚᦳᧃ ᦌᦹᧂ ᦓᧃᧉ ᦣᧂ ᦓᧄᧉ ᦺᦞᧉ ᦜᦻ ᦘᦸᧂᧈ ᦅᦸᧉ ᦺᦡᧉ.When the rain is caught there we can store away quite a lot of water.ᦘ ᦍᦱ ᦘᦳᧄ ᦠᦹᧉ ᦚᦳᧃ ᦠᦱᧈ ᦌᦹᧂ ᦙᦱ.Brahma made the rain pour down unceasingly.ᦌᦹᧂᦉᦵᦖᦲ

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