ᦔᦲᦺᦖᧈpii¹maj²2000nounnew year. [Note: The Tai solar new year starts on April 13 and involves elaborate celebrations. The Tai lunar new year starts with the new moon in October, but is not celebrated. The Chinese lunar new year and the Gregorian new year are observed by some people.]ᦵᦡᦲᧃ ᧖ ᦉᧂ ᦃᦱᧃ ᦔᦲ ᦺᦖᧈ.Tai new year. [Note: The Tai solar new year is often called 'month 6, Sangxan, new year'. It is 'month 6' because it comes in the sixth month of the lunar year. Sangxan is a solar year measured from April 13 to the next April 13.]ᦵᦡᦲᧃ ᧖ ᦉᧂ ᦃᦱᧃ ᦔᦲ ᦺᦖᧈ, ᦡᦲᧃᧉ ᦓᧄᧉ ᦶᦌᧁ ᦵᦣᦲ, ᦈᦲᦰ ᦢᧂᧉ ᦺᦝ ᦉ ᦷᦜᧆᧈ ᦚᦳᧂ ᦓᦲᦰ.At Tai new year, they throw water, have boat races, and set off fireworks, etc. daysᦔᦲ1ᦺᦖᧈ1ᦞᧃᦃᦹᧃᧉᦔᦲᦺᦖᧈ

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