Credits & acknowledgements

I am grateful to many Dai Lue people who have taught me their language, and spent countless hours answering my questions.

These people especially have helped me: Xanan Com, Tu Non, Ai Un Saeng, Ai Xam, Ai Hak, Ai Sam, Ai Saeng, Ai Saw, E Kaew, E In, E Bo Xam and many other people who have helped in ways large and small. Thank you also to the Yunnan Institute of Nationalities and Professor Wu Ling Yun who sponsored my travel in Xishuangbanna.

The words in this dictionary have come from many people in many places. From 1982 to 1987 I studied Lue in Nam Waen Village in Phayao, Thailand. After that I made several trips to Xishuangbanna, in both Jing Hong County and Meng Hai County. Thank you to many Dai Lue people who have helped to teach me their language.

My knowledge is limited and there are sure to be many errors in this dictionary. I hope that readers will criticise my efforts and correct my mistakes. If you have any comments or suggestions, each word has a Comments box. Please use this to help improve this dictionary.

This dictionary was previously published  by Silkworm Books and is available as a print edition from there, or from the Amazon website. The Webonary edition that you are viewing has been updated and some errors have been corrected.