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The Dai Lue Dictionary has over 13,000 Dai Lue words with definitions in English. This is a sample entry for the word 'pig'.

ᦖᦴ  muu¹  ֍500 most common words

noun. pig   ♦Classifier: ᦷᦎ

⁕ᦵᦟᧂᧉ ᦖᦴ. Raise pigs.
⁕ᦋᦲᧃᧉ ᦖᦴ. Pork.
⁕ᦖᦴ ᦓᦾᧉ. Piglet.
♦Compound words: ᦃᧁᧉᦖᦴ | ᦅᦱᧂᦖᦴ | ᦺᦉᧉᦖᦴᦙᦱᧃ | ᦵᦔᧆᦺᦂᧈᦖᦴᦖᦱ 
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