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ba'aya[ba.'a.ya][SU] ba'aya; [DA-FB] ba'aya; [DA-SS] heyaya; [DH] heyaya; [BH] heyayabadSIL 117; SWA 159; 1968
babada[ba.-ba.da][SU] la'ila'i; [DA-FB] babada; [DA-SS]; [DH]; [BH] la'ila'ibigIti begadi babada age adi moia ti goli.The ones who were a bit big didn't spear their fish.Sitima babada yo lonisi yo,(They have) big steamers and launches.see also 'bada' big.; 1968
badabada[ba.da.-ba.da][SU] la'ila'i; [DA-FB] badabada; [DA-SS] badabada; [DH] badabada; [BH] la'ila'inabigNatuna age badabana, na i'ipa yai ie tan.her child was not big, and it cried in the night.SIL 021; SWA 156; 1968
bagi[ba.gi][SU] bagi; [DA-FB] bagi; [DA-SS] bagi; [DH]; [BH] bagiwait, toAe, hola au bagigu, na egu woto a alu.Please, wait for me, and I will spear my body.see also 'bagibagi" be waiting.; 1968
bagibagi[ba.gi.-ba.gi][SU] bagibagi; [DA-IS] bagibagi; [DA-FB] bagibagi; [DA-SS]; [DH]; [BH] bagibagiwaiting, to beI laoma i bagibagi eee--, nanatuna ti hotuma.She came back and waited until her children arrived.See also "bagi" to wait.; 1968
bagubaguna[ba.gu.-ba.gu.na][SU]; [DA-SW] bagubaguna; [DA-FB]; [DA-SS]; [DH]; [BH] bwa'ibwa'ina1first2earlyEdi tulu, tatao bagubaguna alili.Their tools, (were from) the very first men.See also "baguna."; 1968
baguna[ba.gu.-na][SU] baguna; [DA-FB] baguna; [DA-SS] baguna; [DH]; [BH] bwa'ibwa'inafirstTau baguna esa, i baguna alili, na alahia wa i dobi'eli.One who was first, was very far ahead, and the spear fell down without piercing him.1968
balana[ma.be.-na][SU] balana "its wings"; [DA-FB] mabena "its wings"; [DA-FB] balana "its wings"; [DA-SS] balana "its wings"; [DH] papana "its wings"; [BH] mabena "its wings"1wings, its2flippers, itsSIL 064; SWA 089; 1968
balebalelem[ba.le.-ba.le.lem][SU] buyabuya; [DA-FB] sabesabe; [DA-FB] balebalelem; [DA-SS] sabesabe; [DH] sabesabe; [BH] balebalelemredSIL 114; SWA 188; 1968
bawa[ba.wa][SU] ya bawa "I sit"; [DA-FB] a bawa "I sit"; [DA-SS] bawa; [DH] bawa; [BH] ya ta'ai "he sits"1sit, to2stay, toSaha yai ue bawa, e ige'e? Maudo'imiu au pe'i ohi?Where are you sitting,or not? Are all of you completely dead?SIL 015; SWA 207; 1968
beabeahana[be.a-be.a.ha.-na][SU] beabeana; [DA-FB] beabeahana; [DA-SS] beabeahana; [DH] beabeahana; [BH] beyabeyanaoldSIL 124; SWA 183; 1968
beagu[be.a.-gu][SU] beagu "my ear"; [DA-FB] beagu "my ear"; [DA-SS] tainagu "my ear"; [DH] tainagu "my ear"; [BH] beyagu "my ear"ear, mySIL 026; SWA 047; 1968
bebedula[be.be.du.la][SU] bebedula; [DA-IS] bebedula; [DA-FB] bebedula; [DA-SS]; [DH]; [BH] bebedula1pig net2pig net: a large net for catching pigs and other land animals.Nuana malaitom bebedula esega ta lau'ahuleni. ailuma ta ha'otatole.Perhaps in the morning we (will) leave one pig-net behind. We will put it away in the house.3to net: to capture or attempt to capture wild game in a pig net.Mabebedulana ai esa ai lau, ai bebedula.We (will) go with one of the pig nets and go pig-netting.see also "wewe-bebedula" to spread out one's net; 1968
begana[be.ga.-na][SU] begana; [DA-FB] begadi; [DA-SS]; [DH]; [BH] beganabit, aIti begadi babada age adi moia ti goli.The ones who were a bit big didn't spear their fish.1968
begana-begana[be.ga.-na-be.ga.-na][SU] begana-begana; [DA-IS] begana-begana; [DA-FB]; [DA-SS]; [DH]; [BH] begana-beganabit by bitI tomo begana-begana. Ana sasagu adi haleledi, ti an'ita.He cut it into bits. what he gave to his brothers, they tasted.1968
bem[bem][SU] bem; [DA-FB] bem; [DA-SS]; [DH]; [BH] bembeanSIL 091; SWA x; 1968
bena[be.na][SU] bena; [DA-FB] bena; [DA-SS] bena; [DH] bena; [BH] bena1might2might (something desired but somewhat uncertain)Ti laoma dun hesana Niu'elo'elolo. Lebenai bena ie mia.They came to a village called Niu Elo'elolo. He (thought he) might live there.1968
Benoni[be.no.ni][SU]; [DA-FB]; [DA-SS] Benoni; [DH]; [BH]Benoni, name of a man from Waladau village, near SilosiloYau Benoni. Egu dun Waladau.I am Benoni. My village is Waladau.1968
be'u[be.'u][SU] ya be'u "I fall down"; [DA-FB] a be'u "I fall down"; [DA-SS] be'u; [DH] beku; [BH] ya be'u "he falls down"fall down, toSIL 156; SWA 198; 1968
bigabiga[bi.ga.-bi.ga][SU] bigabiga; [DA-IS] bigabiga; [DA-FB] bigabiga; [DA-SS]; [DH]; [BH] bigabigasoft, to be"Pa'ana saha ite an'an ne i bigabiga? Na ita ada ti oi'ula?Why is this food here soft? But as for us, our (food) is hard?1968
bigagu[bi.ga.-gu][SU] dagilagu "my back"; [DA-FB] bigagu "my back"; [DA-SS] bigagu "my back"; [DH] bigagu "my back"; [BH] tauligu "my back"back, myTau mulita wa bigana ie eli.It pierced through the back of the man in back.SIL 051; SWA 070; 1968
Biula[bi.u.la][SU] Biula; [DA-SW] Biula; [DA-FB]; [DA-SS]; [DH]; [BH] TanalaiBiula, land of the deadAdi an'an doha, Biula tataodi ne, iamo, adi an'an i tubutubugaibu.Their food is like (ours), those Biula people, but just one thing, their food grows by itself.1968
boda[bo.da][SU]; [DA-FB]; [DA-SS] ana boda "his group"; [DH]; [BH]1group2companionsMa'ana boda mate yai tie mia.He lived there with his group.1968
bodi[bo.di][SU] ya bodi "I sew it"; [DA-FB] a bodi "I sew it"; [DA-SS] bodibodi; [DH] bodibodi; [BH] ya yomeyome "he sews it"sew, toSWA 122; 1968
boga[bo.ga][SU] ie boga "she is pregnant"; [DA-FB] ie boga "she is pregnant"; [DA-SS] ie boga "she is pregnant"; [DH]; [BH] ie boga "she is pregnant"1pregnant, be2give birth, toLiuna natuna esa waihin. Ie boga. Natuna age badabadana.One of Liuna's children was a woman. She gave birth. Her child was not (very) big.The gloss is uncertainin this example since "ie boga" normally refers to being pregnant, not to giving birth.; Compare also "bogagu" my belly, and "agu boga" my family line.; 1968

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