Daui - English


wa[wa][SU] wa; [DA-FB] wa; [DA-SS] wa; [DH] wa; [BH] wa1old information, translatable by "the"Na toma, goma wa, nogea ana moia sabina ie tan eee--, diboli ie sae.But that one, the boy wept tears for his fish until the tide came up.Alahia wa ie alu.He cast his spear.2old information, but indeterminate usageTa'iede, toma hasala manatuna, we'u hasena yai, ediba, "Ai ite wa."Then, that one, the young woman with her child was among the rocks, (and) she said, "We are right here.""Wa" refers to old information from the prior context which seems to be being singled out or slightly in focus when reintroduced.; 1968
wafu[wa.fu][SU] wapu; [DA-SW] wafu; [DA-FB]; [DA-SS]; [DH]; [BH] wapuwharfYo edi wafu. Edi kago wa, ena aba antulu.And they have a wharf. It is the place where they offload their cargo.Ma'auna describes both wharf and cargo, basic cargo cult elements.; 1968
waga[wa.ga][SU] waga; [DA-FB] waga; [DA-SS] waga; [DH] waga; [BH] wagacanoe, boatTi tolesae waga ya, yo i hamala mota.They put him up in the canoe, and he became a snake.1968
waihin[wai.hin][SU] sine; [DA-FB] waihin; [DA-SS] waihin; [DH] waini; [BH] waihinwomanI lau, ie ita nate. Ia waihin saesae alilina.He went and he saw her there. She was a very beautiful woman.SIL 011; SWA 031; 1968
waiunu[wai.u.nu]enemyalternative spelling for "waiyunu"; 1968
waiyunu[wai.yu.nu][SU]; [DA-FB]; [DA-SS] waiunu; [DH]; [BH] waiunuenemy, onesHasala wa age i liba, enaba, bena ana waiunu e'esa.The young woman did not speak, she said (to herself), it might be one of her enemies."Na maiyonana yai, ana waiunu ti laoma, bena Liuna ti unui.but in the night his enemies came, so they might kill Liuna.1968
Waladau[wa.la.dau][SU]; [DA-FB]; [DA-SS] Waladau; [DH]; [BH]WaladauYau Benoni. Egu dun Waladau. Agu pilipilidai ma'a a hatili.I am Benoni. My village is Waladau. I will tell my story.Waladau is a Daui-speaking village in the Silosilo area.; 1968
wana[wa.na][SU] wana; [DA-FB] wana; [DA-SS] wana; [DH] wana; [BH] wanasing, toNate, duni yai wa, tie wana yo tie saga.there, at that village, they sang and danced.SWA 205; 1968
wasana[wa.sa.-na][SU] wasana; [DA-FB] wasana; [DA-SS] wasana; [DH]; [BH] wasana1report2news3storyWawaya ena Po'a, Awalolo wasana.Wawaya ena Po'a, The Boy of the Rocks, is an Awalolo story.1968
wawaya[wa.wa.ya][SU] melumelu; [DA-FB] wawaya; [DA-SS] wawaya; [DH]; [BH] wawayachildTo, wawaya esa kiukiuna, ana moia ie goli.Then, one small child speared his fish.1968
wawaya tataodi[wa.wa.ya ta.-tao.-di][SU]; [DA-FB] wawaya tataodi; [DA-SS]; [DH]; [BH] wawaya tataudi1boys2male childrenWawaya tataodi tie ale.The little boys went fishing with spears.1968
Wawinolewa[wa.wi.no.le.wa][SU]; [DA-SW] Wawinolewa; [DA-FB]; [DA-SS]; [DH]; [BH]Wawinolewa, name of a mountain in the land of the dead.Doha, oya esa esana Wawinolewa.Like, there is a certain mountain called Wawinolewa.1968
we'a[we.'a][SU] ya tabe "I pull"; [DA-FB] a we'a "I pull"; [DA-SS] we'a; [DH] weka; [BH] tabei; [BH] feli; [BH-BL] solu; [BH-LF] e feli "I pull it"pull, toSWA 201; 1968
Weliweli[we.li-we.li][DA-SS] WeliweliWeliweli, a place on the coast in the Western Daui area.Weliweli yai tie italau. Luma gahuna tie ita.The looked across from Weliweli. They saw the smoke from his house.1968
we'u[we.'u][SU] we'u; [DA-FB] we'u; [DA-SS] we'u; [DH] weku; [BH] ume'ehu1rock or stone: large but separate rockHede, waihin i hamala we'u, Kalau otana, sagasaga na'ona yai.So the woman became a rock. There she remains inside the stream.2rock or stone: a solid formation in bedrockTa'iede, toma hasala manatuna, we'u hasena yai, ediba, "Ai ite wa."Then, that one, the young woman with her child was among the rocks, (and) she said, "We are right here."SIL 020; SWA 010; 1968
wewei[we.we-i][SU]; [DA-FB]; [DA-SS] wewei; [DH]; [BH]spread out, toMoiya esa hesana Salihua, ti laoma ti wewei.There was a kind of fish called Salihua, and they came and spread out.1968
widi[wi.di][SU] nu'ula; [DA-FB] widi; [DA-SS] widi; [DH] widi; [BH] tana'ai1bush2jungle3forest,4rainforestNate, bomna wa esana Bom Oso'oso, widi duadualina yai.There, that pool was called "Coughing Pool," in the middle of the bush.SWA 103; 1968
wosa[wo.sa][SU] ya oho "I rub it"; [DA-FB] a wosa "I rub it"; [DA-SS] sau "to wipe"; [DH] wosa; [BH] wosa; [BH-LF] hosarub s.th., toSWA 203; See also SWA #016 sau 'to wipe'; 1968
wose[SU] leha; [DA-FB]; [DA-SS]; [DH]; [BH] wosepaddle (to)1968
woto, egu[wo.to, 'e.-gu][SU]; [DA-FB]; [DA-SS] woto, egu "my body"; [DH]; [BH]body, my [GPC]Ae, hola au bagigu, na egu woto a alu.Please, wait for me, and I will spear my body.See also "wotogu" my body [IPC]; When used with this [GPC] possession form it refers to a body one claims, not one's own body.; 1968
wotogu[wo.to.-gu][SU] taugu "my body"; [DA-FB] wotogu "my body"; [DA-SS] wotogu "my body"; [DH] taugu "my body"; [BH] taugu "my body"body, mySee also "egu wotogu" my body [GPC]; SWA 043; See also "egu woto" my body which I claim possession of.; 1968