adi['a.-di][SU] adi; [DA-FB] adi; [DA-SS] adi; [DH]; [BH] adi1their [EPC]: something edible or associated with eating and used with an accompanying NP (either ready to eat, or intended for eating).Adi an'an doha, Biula tataodi ne, iamo, adi an'an i tubutubugaibu.Their food is like (ours), those Biula people, but just one thing, their food grows by itself.Iti begadi babada age adi moia ti goli.The ones who were a bit big didn't spear their fish.An'an maimaisana nanatuna wa adi dala yai ie tole.She put some cooked food on her children's serving plate.2theirs [EPC]: something edible without an NP.Na ana sasagu age adi ti goli.But his companions didn't spear any of their own.3theirs [EPC]: not edible, but something closely associated.E, adi paisoa, ginauli ti hatahatamalidima, doha.Yes, their work is to be sending their thinks here, like that.1968

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