lau1[lau][SU] lau; [DA-FB] lau; [DA-SS] lau; [DH] yao; [BH] lau1go: referring to a living being moving from one location to another.Na tamana yo tinana ti lau gana.But his father and his mother had gone to the garden.I haliba, i haimohihi, enaba, "U laoma, u lau."he spoke to her, he touched her, (and) said, "You come, you go."2go: referring to an object which is propelled from one location to another.Tau mulita wa bigana ie eli. I lau, i inoi.He speared through the last man's back. It went, it strung him through.See also "go" and "walk." The [-ma] suffix makes it "hitherward." An ad hoc Vowel-lowering rule produces "lao" from "lau."; 1968

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