nate2[ma.te][SU] meta; [SU] ne'i; [DA-FB] mate; [DA-FB] nate; [DA-SS] nate; [DH] toka; [BXH] mate; [BXH] ne''i1there, a locationI lau, ie ita nate. Ia waihin saesae alilina.He went and he saw her there. She was a very beautiful woman.Na ia muli yai, ana nigo ie abi. Nate, gadodi i lausasa.But he, in the back, took his knife. there he slit their throats.Dun maudo'ina tebe ti oigogosae, mate duni yai ne.All of the village people had already gathered together there at that village.2then: temporalTi hamaisadi. Moni yai, e ena ti paisoa doha sabati, nate kuku yai.They pay them. (It is) with money, or if they work like (for) a week, then it is (with) tobacco.SWA 145; "There" and "that" sometimes overlap in these languages.; Daui usage fluctuates between "nate" and "mate," whereas in Buhutu, only "mate" is used.; 1968

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