mauli[][SU] mauli; [DA-FB] mauli; [DA-SS] mauli; [DH] mauli; [BH] mauli1alive, be2live: be alive i.e., not dead.Esega dumaduma mo ne, i mauli.Just one of them there was alive.3way of life: manner of living.Edi mauli, taba ti laoma, age ta itadi.Their (way of) life, if they (spirits) come, we don't see them.See also "mia" which usally means to live, stay or dwell somewhere, but can sometimes be used in the sense of "being alive." See also "bawa" to sit, which sometimes means to live, or dwell somewhere.; SWA 038; Note that in this case: "Life" is the really death, that is "the afterlife."; 1968

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