doha[do.ha][SU] doha; [DA-FB] dona; [DA-SS] doha; [DH]; [BH] doha1like2like something: in appearance.Ita ada ao doha. Ta pepe'i, na yaluyaluada.We, our appearance is like (them). We die, and (they are) our spirits.3like something: in an activity.E, adi paisoa, ginauli ti hatahatamalidima, doha.Yes, their work is to be sending their thinks here, like that.4like something: as for a period of timeTi hamaisadi. Moni yai, e ena ti paisoa doha sabati, nate kuku yai.They pay them. (It is) with money, or if they work like (for) a week, then it is (with) tobacco.1968

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