gabu[ga.bu][SU] ya gabu "I burn it"; [DA-FB] a gabu "I burn it"; [DA-SS] gabu; [DH] gabu; [BH] ya ala'ala "it burns"; [BH] ya gabu "he burns it / it burns"1burn, to2burn something, consume it with fireNa mate dodoga ne ai gudui, na edi luma aie gabu.But we have closed off those people there, and we (will) burn their house.3roast something, cook it in an open fireTi laen, dun yai. tie gabu, tie an.They took it (a fish) to the village, they roasted it, and they ate it.4dry something, by smoking itAge kabolo ti gabu.They don't dry copra.SIL 152; SWA 110; 1968

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