The Daui Alphabet


Daui has 19 letters:


a b d e g h i k l m n o p s t u w y '


The Daui-to-English part of the dictionary is arranged alphabetically according to the above order.

Spelling Notes from Russ Cooper
The spelling which I used here is based on the newer spelling of Daui, for our youth, and is NOT copied from the old Suau spelling. In this newer spelling we use “l” and “w” but do not use “r” or “v.” This is because we follow the most common pronunciation of the words. However, if you still use the “v” or “r” pronunciation, that is alright for you to do so. As you know, a word like turtle can be pronounced “wonu” or “vonu.” We also are using a “y” in words like “yau” where the older Suau spelling used the letter “e” as in “eau.”
Your Daui group will have to decide which spelling changes you may wish to follow, but you do NOT need to follow the Suau spellings unless you wish to do so as a group. Daui is a separate language.