Dictionary Entries explained


The basic Daui entry consists of a headword followed by the form of the word in different positions (roles) in the sentence. The Daui and roles appear in red.

adidili [a.di.di.li] [SU] adidili; [DA-FB] adidili; [DA-SS]; [DH]; [BH] adidili strong, to be 1968

An entry with multiple definitions will be numbered. See the example below:

sae [sae] [SU] sae; [DA-FB] sae; [DA-SS] sae; [DH] sae; [BH] sae 1) go up, to 2) go east, to 3) go up: by move to a higher positionI nenesae, ie sae tupi yai. He crawled up, he went up to the peak. 4) go up: ascend to a higher level (as the tide) Na toma, goma wa, nogea ana moia sabina ie tan eee--, diboli ie sae. But that one, the boy wept tears for his fish until the tide came up. 5) go: to the east 1968