Preface to this electronic edition:

It is our pleasure to see the bilingual Dholuo—English / English—Dholuo Dictionary posted online, which we hereby share under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (

The introduction to this dictionary contains attributions to all contributors, and it was created using all relevant materials known at the time of publication. Most of these materials were generated before 1950, primarily by Bible translators, some of whom were native speakers of Dholuo.

But language is dynamic, and many of the words in this dictionary are obsolete today. The author encourages sincere readers of this edition to create a second edition which would include updated words, new words and dialect variations.

Our sincere thanks to the Linguistic Publishing and Archiving department of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Mexico, for preparing this edition of the dictionary and to their colleagues at SIL International for their willingness to post it.

Carole Jamieson Capen and Robert C. Capen
September 2018
Tucson, Arizona