The Dii dictionary versions of 1972, 1991, and 2002 are represented in the current dictionary, along with other additions and corrections. We continue to use convention established in the national alphabet adopted in 1979 and published by Tadadjeu and Sadembouo as Alphabet général des langues camerounaises ; General Alphabet of Cameroonian languages. This current edition is only available here and in pdf format. A printed version is currently being prepared.

This dictionary was intended primarily for Dii readers who have the "Brevet" level in Cameroon, realizing that those with a higher degree level will also make good use of this work. The Dii people live north and east of Ngaoundéré in the Adamawa region: Vina division, Ngaoundéré subdivision as well as in the North region: Mayo-Rey division, Tcholliré subdivision.

Dii is classified as Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo, North, Adamawa-Ubangi, Adamawa, Leko-Nimbari, Duru, Dii. There are about eight dialects: Mambe’, Mamna’a, Goom, Boow, Ngbang, Sagzee (Saadje, Saakye), Vaazin, Home, Nyok. Goom may be a distinct language. Alternate names for Dii are Dourou, Durru, Duru, Nyag Dii, Yag Dii, Zaa. The autonym is Ya̧g dìì.

The Dii population is estimated to be 50,000 (2010 L. Bohnhoff).