Credits & acknowledgements

We very much appreciate the dedicated effort of each participant in the Rapid Word Collection workshop for the Djimini language community, which took place in Dabakala on July 3-27, 2017.

Those who participated in the workshop are as follows:

The Coordinator of the Djimini Translation Project and of the workshop: Pastor OUATTARA Nambalapan Matthieu

The consultant who trained the workshop participants: Kevin WARFEL

Participants of the workshop:

• Pastor OUATTARA Nambalapan Matthieu
• COULIBALY Dianko Justin
• OUATTARA Tanga Pétanry Moïse
• Pastor OUATTARA Mindjèrè Jonathan
• FOFANA Madiénéba Eveline.
• Pastor TOURE Ismaël
• COULIBALY Pinnin Angèle
• KARIDIOULA Hékpan Dominique
• NAMBOLOSSE Bamoussa Touré
• Pastor FOFANA Kouméhoro François
• FOFANA Kouabena Robert
• Pastor FOFANA Kafessolo Daniel
• COULIBALY Kahorotangan Simon
• TOURE Gabéhonri
• TOURE Korogognon Roger
• TOURE Fangama Pierre
• COULIBALY Adrien Jean
• Pastor FOFANA Lamissa
• COULIBALY N’Zafaly Daniel
• OUATTARA Nicodème
• Pastor FOFANA Dotiné Mathias
• COMBALA Guechon Gabriel
• FOFANA Noufo
• TOURE Yagatou,
• OUATTARA Kouassi Homère
• COULIBALY Nambatè Luc
• COMBALA Pétouel Joël
• Pastor TOURE Tiéoulé Philippe
• FOFANA Pélégnon Richard
• KARIDIOULA Kignema Paul
• OUATTARA Bamory Eric
• Pastor OUATTARA Abel
• Pastor COULIBALY Katéguépétien Timothée
• TOURE Pinguin
• KARIDIOULA Soungalo Joseph
• Pastor OUATTARA Kouakou Emmanuel

- In addition, we would like to express our appreciation to the Welcoming Steering Organization Committee for planning the visit of President BEDIE Henri Konan, specifically for Mr. OUATTARA Kèrèmassa and his team, for their previous research which provided a meaningful backdrop for the introduction.
- We also want to express our gratitude to Father MOCKERS P. of Boniérédougou for his article about the Djmini people, as well as to Father LEJEAN Jean for his helpful information, and to everyone who contributed to the introduction of this dictionary.