Credits & acknowledgements


I would like to thank the many Doromu-Koki speakers who have been instrumental in helping me to compile this information, beginning with those who attended the Alphabet Design Workshop in Kasonomu village in 2002, and the Lexical Elicitation Workshop held in Port Moresby in 2004, as well as many others throughout the years of the Doromu-Koki translation program involved in various aspects, such as a number of workshops (translation and writers), village checking, and consultant checking. To name just a few who really gave a lot to enable this dictionary to come to fruition: Chris Magio who collected data from the Lexical Elicitation Workshop; Sam Warika and Joseph Toma who spent many hours collecting and refining example sentences and helping to correct many erroneous ideas. So many over the years have had a part in allowing me to learn their language. The translators played a big part: Luke Bomena, Emmanuel Dagere, Charles Ero, Joseph Toma and Michael H. Tuga. I would also like to thank the SIL linguistics consultants René van den Berg and Amy Rice for their help and my PhD. committee first advisor Distinguished Professor Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald and second advisor Professor R.M.W. Dixon. I would also like to especially thank my wife Betsy Bradshaw for her careful proofreading and so much more!

Robert L. Bradshaw
March 2021