man of GodOne who is a follower and a believer in the Creator of all heaven and earth, one who is loyal and obedient to the Word of God. DTP A disciple of Jesus Christ, a follower of the truth and teaching of Jesus Christ, having committed his life to Him as his Lord and Saviour.wherewith Moses the man of God Deut 33:1Moses the man of God concerning me Josh 14:6A man of God came unto me, and his countenance Judg 13:6And there came a man of God unto Eli, 1 Sam 2:27Now by this I know that thou art a man of God, 1 Kin 17:24I perceive that this is an holy man of God, 2 Kin 4:9for so had David the man of God commanded. 2 Chr 8:14as it is written in the law of Moses the man of God. Ezr 3:2the musical instruments of David the man of God, Neh 12:36O man of God, flee these things; 1 Tim 6:11That the man of God may be perfect, 2 Tim 3:17

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