abuse / abusiveTo insult with speech (filthy, vulgar) or by action toward someone else; to put another down with words; to physically hit another or to use cruel and inhumane treatment towards another, over a short or a long period of time (hurt or molest). DTP Disciples must always be aware of their actions and speech with the family and out in their community. We should not use any type of abusive language or do any type of abusive actions towards another person.abused her all the night until the morning: Judg 19:25hurling abuse at Him, Matt 27:39 NASBCharge, that I abuse not my power in the gospel. 1 Cor 9:18abusive speech from your mouth. Col 3:8 NASBstrife, abusive language, evil suspicions, 1 Tim 6:4 NASB

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