adj. adjective
adv. adverb
cl. noun class
conj. conjunction
dem. demonstrative
ed(s). editor(s)
(excl.) excluding the addressee
excl. exclamation
ideo. ideophone
(incl.) including the addressee
int. interogative
log. logophoric
interj. interjection
n. noun
n.adj. nominal adjective
n.num. numeral noun
num. number/numeral
pl. plural
poss. possessive
prep. preposition
pron. pronoun
ps. part of speech
quan. quantifier
ques. question
sing. singular
SM. subject marker
s.o. someone
sth. something
subj. subjunctive
1 pl. first person plural
2 pl. second person singular
3 pl. third person singular
1 sg. first person singular
2 sg. second person singular
3 sg. third person singular
v. verb
v.adj. verbal adjective
v.aux. auxilliary verb
voc. vocative