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e1 conjFrnet, avec, en plusEngand; plusƁe coonnii na'i e be'i fuu.FrnIls ont vendu toutes leurs vaches et leurs chèvres.EngThey sold all their cows and goats.Synonymsde2 1
e2 prep1FrndansEngin;Kori ko ɓe mbujji ma ɓe tawaay faa'e e danga maa.FrnJ'espère qu'ils n'ont rien trouvé dans de ton porte-monnaie volé.EngI hope when they stole your wallet they didn't find anything in it.Synonymsderehen 1ley1 1nder2FrnsurEngon;Ndaar e taabawal toon, salla montoro maa na toon.FrnRegarde sur la table pour voire si ta montre est là.EngLook on the table to see if your watch is there.Synonymsdow 13FrnavecEngwith;Mi yi'ii Lobbo na yaada e Rik.FrnJe vois Lobbo aller avec Rick.EngI see Lobbo is going with Rick.
eɓɓ-avFrnschématiserEngdraw a diagram3.33.3FrnMathématiqueEngMathematics
eɓe spnFrnils, elles, euxEngtheySynonymsiɓena ɓe
eda nFrnbuffle africainEngan Africa buffaloSynonymsnagge laddeSyncerus caffer nanus1.5.1.1FrnMammifèreEngMammal
sing: nga plur: ɗiedi
edaade v1Frnêtre timide ou gêné, embarrasséEngto be shy or embarrassed2Frnrespecter, montrer du respect, honorerEngto show respect; to honorSynonymsennude 1hersude 1semtude 1yaagaade 1
edaare nFrntimidité, retenue, modestieEngbashfulness; shyness; reserve; modestySynonymssemteende 1yaagesing: nde
edda nFrnveuvageEngwidowhood, loss of one's husband / wife
Eden hébreunFrnjardin d’Éden, ParadisEngEden - it is believed that Eden was a place in heaven that God brought down to earth; paradiseComparekammu 1SynonymsAdninaljenna
eɗen spnFrnnous (inclusive)Engwe (inclusive)Synonymsanen2enen2na en
eedi nFrnespèce d'arbreEngkind of treeComparengeeƴu 1Sclerocarya birrea1.4.1FrnArbresEngTree
sing: ki plur: ɗeeede
eelgal n1Frncupidité, convoitiseEnggreed; covetousnessSynonymsboronndi 1himmejoote 1mboronndi 1worolde 12Frnsollicitation, désir d'être aidéEngsolicitation - the desire to be helpedSynonymsnyaagundeŋaarnderooŋre3FrndésirEngdesireComparehaanɗere 1muuyantaakumuuyɗe 1ngokka 1sing: ngal
eelude v1Frns’intéresser à, avoir un intérêt àEngto have an interest in;Mi nanii Aamadu na filoo faa sonna kalahaldim, de si goonga, miɗo eeli o soora kam ndi.FrnJ'ai entendu que Aamadou vend son bœuf, je suis intéressé à l'acheter.EngI heard Aamadu was trying to sell his bull, but honestly, I really would like him to sell it to me.Comparemuuynaade2Frndésirer fortement, convoiter, être avide, âpreEngto desire strongly; to covet; to be greedyComparehaanɗude 1habiseedereereeɗindeSynonymsboroɗinde 1himmeede 1jooteede 1woroɗinde 13Frndemander pour recevoirEngto ask for somethingSynonymsfilaade 1nyaagaadeŋaaraaderookaade
eemaade vFrnessayer de faire passer (par exemple excrément)Engto strain to pass a bowel movement or to pass something vaginally; often this occurs after someone or something has diarrhea for a day or so; and there is nothing really left to pass; but there is still an urgency to strain to pass something ("the dry runs")
eemel nFrnenvie de déféquer après une diarrhée mais les boyaux sont vides, dysenterieEngtenesmus; straining to defecate after you have had diarrhea but the intestine is empty, dysenterySynonymsɗankanooma2.2.2FrnMaladieEngDiseasesing: ngel
eemtaade vFrnnettoyer la gorgeEngto clear your throatCompareɗojjudekaartaadetuutude 1Synonymshorkitinde 1horsude1 1ormitaade
eentere nFrnsevrageEngweaning
eeragolnFrnprononciationEngpronunciation3.23.2FrnLecture / écritureEngReading / writing
eetude vFrnconsoler, bernerEngconsole, to fool , to deceive
Efesunkooɓe grecnFrnl’épître aux ÉphésiensEngthe letter of Ephesians written by Paul to the church at Ephesus
Efesus grecnFrnÉphèse (ville en ce qu'on appelait «Asie Mineur, aujourd'hui en Turquie)Engthe Greek city of Ephesus in ancient Asia Minor; now Turkey
eggolnFrnmouvement de populationEngemigration of nations7.1.1FrnVoyagerEngTravel4.3.1.1FrnPaysEngCountryjultol
eggude vFrntranshumer, déménager le ménage avec l'intention de revenir, se déplacerEngto move the "wuro" where you live (implies an intention to return thus making it a temporary move), to move to summer pastures, dislodgeComparedabbudefaayude 1feruderuumudeseeɗudeƴaamnudeSynonymsfoɗtaade 1footaade 1fottaade 1gettude6.3FrnÉlevageEngAnimal husbandry