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taa neg. aux. v/adv1Frnne pas faireEng(aux. v. w/ Neg. Imperative) do not2Frnque ce ne soit pasEng(adv w/ Neg. Subjunctive & Desiderative) so as notSynonymstinna taato3
taaɓaade vFrnmarcher, avancer, monter dans, entrer dans, enjamber, continuer son cheminEngto step, step overSynonymshuulaade 1saaɓaade
taaɓannde nFrnun pas, étapeEnga stepSynonymshuulannde 1saaɓanndeyaaɓere 1sing: nde plur: ɗetaaɓanɗe
taabawal françaisnFrntableEnga table
sing: ngal plur: ɗetaabaaje
taacooriire nFrnpetite ulcération ou trou au bas du piedEnga small ulceration or hole in the bottom of the footSynonymsseera2.2.2FrnMaladieEngDiseasesing: (n)de plur: ɗetaacooriije
taadaade v1Frnse mettre une couverture autourEngto wrap a "disaare" around yourself2Frnêtre circoncisEngto be circumcised -the passive "taadeede" is also used with the same senseSynonymshaddaade3Frnbourgeonner d'un arbuste quand les pluies commencent, prospérerEngthe greening of the bush when the rains begin; to flourish;Joonin o ladde taadeke sabo dunngu warii.FrnMaintenant l'arbuste va bourgeonner car les pluies ont commencé.EngNow the bush will flourish because the rains have come.Compareɓornaadeduhaadetaartaade
taadeede v1Frnlorsque qqn mette une couverture autour d'une femme ou un enfantEngfor a woman/child to have a cloth wrapped around her by someone else2Frnêtre circoncisEngto be circumcisedComparenguppaakuSynonymshaddaadehaddeedenanneede 1taadaade 1
taadol nFrncirconcision, excisionEngcircumcision, excision
taadude v1Frnenvelopper qqn d'une couvertureEngto wrap someone in a clothComparetaartude2Frncirconcire, exciserEngto circumcise, exciseSynonymshaddudenannude1 1
taadugolnFrnexcisionEngexcisionTaƴude ɓii-hottere maa toni hottere ɓikkoy ndewoy
taafude vFrnaccuser qqn faussement, accuser à tort, soupçonner à tortEngto falsely accuse or suspect someone;Taa taafee wondiiɓe mooɗon. (Wurt 20:16)FrnNe fais pas des fausses accusations contre ton prochain.EngDon't falsely accuse your neighbor.Synonymsjataade 1jikkude 1sekindesogudesuurude 1tuumude 1
taafude dow fewerexprFrnaccuser faussementEngaccuse somebody wrongly3.43.4FrnJuridiqueEngLegaltuumeede dow fewre
taakalemme nFrnvoisinEnga neighborSynonymsgondokoddo2FrnLa PersonneEngPersonsing: o plur: ɓetaakalemmeeɓe
taalibaajo arabenFrndisciple, adhérant, partisan de, étudiantEnga disciple; a follower; a student of2FrnLa PersonneEngPersonsing: o plur: ɓetaalibaaɓe
taaliwol GourmanchenFrnfilet de pêcheEnga fishing netSynonymsbubbol 1fiiliwolgammbuwol6.4FrnChasse et pêcheEngHunt and fish
sing: (n)gol plur: ɗitaaliiji
taalol nFrnhistoire, conte, récit, légendeEnga story; tale; fableSynonymsfillawolsing: ngol plur: ɗitaali
taalude vFrnraconter une courte histoire, un conte ou une devinette, conterEngto recount or to tell a short story; fable or riddleComparefillaade 1Synonymstakkude 1
taaneere nFrnenclumeEngan anvilSynonymsteeneere6.7FrnOutilEngTool
sing: nde plur: ɗetaaneeje
taaniiwo nFrnpetit-fils, petite-filleEnga grandchild;Comparemaamiiwo 14.1.1FrnParentéEngKinshipsing: o plur: ɓetaaniraaɓe
taanyude v1Frnaller où qqch se trouveEngto go to where something is;Nagge am rimii ley ceekol, kanaa mi taanya ngel, wartira.FrnMa vache a mis bas dans le lit du ruisseau. Je vais les ramener à la maison.EngMy cow gave birth in the creek bed, I need to go to the calf and bring it home [with the cow].Synonymsyahude2Frnchercher qqch ou qqn, rechercher, essayer de trouverEngto search for something or someone;Idrissa ɓoyii dillude, sanaa mi taanya mo.FrnIdrissa est parti depuis quelqu temps. Il faut que j'aille le chercher / trouver.EngIdrissa has been gone for some time, I should go looking for him.Synonymsfilaade 1
taaraade v1Frntourner autour de, encerclerEngto circle around;Ko waɗi aɗa taaroo e he'am?FrnPourquoi tu tournes autour de moi ?EngWhy are you circling around me?Synonymsfiilaade2Frns'enrouler (serpent)Engto coil - applies to snakesMumini tawii ngoowla na taarii dakkol sibiihi ki.FrnMoumini a trouvé une cobra enroulée près de cet arbre.EngMumini found a cobra coiled next to that tree.3Frnenrouler autour de, envelopper, emballer, enlacer, enserrerEngto wrap around - such as a vine wrapping around a post or when a python wraps itself around its prey;Mboddi taareke e koyngal makko.FrnU n serpent s'est enroulé autour de sa jambe.EngA snake wrapped/coiled around her leg.Comparefiilude 1taarude 1
taarde n1Frncoussin, coussinetEnga cushion2Frnanneau en feuilles de palmier pour poser des pots, cerceauEnga ring made of palm leaves used to set pots or dishes on so they don't spill; a hoop3FrncercleEnga circle
taarde 2
taarde 2
sing: nde plur: ɗetaare
taari1 nFrncire d'abeilleEngbee's wax
sing: ndi