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ɓaade nFrnfamille, maisonnée, ménage, cour, concessionEnga household; courtyard; yard, compoundɓiɓɓe ɓaade wootuɓeComparetariyaareSynonymsgallewuro 14.1FrnRelations humainesEngRelationships6.5FrnBâtimentEngBuildingsing: nde plur: ɗiɓaadeeji
ɓaanaade vFrnêtre responsable pour garder un troupeauEngto be solely responsible for watching the animals - this is not necessarily a permanent arrangement; as it may only last for a month or some longer prescribed timeComparetakkaade 1Synonymsɓahanaadejokkude 1tokkude6.3FrnÉlevageEngAnimal husbandry
ɓaaraade v1Frns'appuyer avec le dos ou les épaules contre quelque choseEngto lean against something with one's back or shoulderSynonymsɓaggaade 1deenaade2Frns'arrêter chez qqnEngto stop going past someone's house; usually because you are angry with that person; but there could be other reasons why you stop going past a certain placeSynonymsɓaggaade 1
ɓaare nFrnreposEngrest, time off
ɓaareede vFrns'appuyer contre quelque choseEngto be leaning against somethingSynonymsɓaggeede
ɓaarinFrnbarres obliquesEngslashesɓaari (tl. ɓaarol)3.23.2FrnLecture / écritureEngReading / writing
ɓaaru n1Frnarc (pour tirer des flèches)Engbow (used to shoot arrows)Comparefiɗude 1gaawalkural 1malfaSynonymskalawal6.7FrnOutilEngTool6.4FrnChasse et pêcheEngHunt and fish2FrncarquoisEnga quiverComparekural 1loohaadembasu kureSynonymsmbasu kure6.7FrnOutilEngToolsing: ndu plur: ɗiɓaari
ɓaarude vFrnappuyer quelque chose contre une autre chose, adosser contreEngto lean something against something else, lean againstSynonymsɓaggude
ɓaatane nFrnespèce de colle Engglue made of "nyiiri;" used by "Gargasaaɓe"sing: ɗe
ɓaawo1 prep1Frnaprès, derrière, puis, ensuiteEngafter; afterward2FrnderrièreEngbehindSynonymscaggal 1gaɗa 1
ɓaawo2 n1FrndosEngback (living things only)Synonymskunkuuru2.1FrnLe corpsEngBody2FrnCe mot indique le derrière en bas et pourrait être offensifEngThis word only refers to the rear end and should NOT be used as it is offensive!Synonymsfottoorulehirotere 1rubbere 1sing: ngo plur: ɗeɓaawe
ɓaawo silɓungo nFrnentorse au dos, problème au niveau d'une vertèbre lombaireEnga sprained back; a ruptured lumbar disk or a pinched nerve in the lumbar regionSynonymskunkuuru silɓundu2.2.2FrnMaladieEngDiseasesing: ngo plur: ɗe[J,G] ɓaawe cilɓuɗe, [Y] ɓabbe cilɓuɗe
ɓaaƴude v1Frnfaire signe avec la main à quelqu'un de venirEngto signal to someone to come with your hand;Ali, ɓaaƴu o wara.FrnAli, fais-lui signe de venir.EngAli, signal him to come.ComparenoddudeSynonymsŋomsude2Frnboiter légèrementEngto walk with a subtle limp;Gaɗa o boɓɓeke imo ɓaaƴa.EngAfter he fell he limps.
ɓadaade v1Frnapprocher, être proche deEngto approach - but the focus is on being near or close;Amiiru Tonngommayel ŋomsu faa mi ɓadoo o.FrnLe chef de Tonngommayel m'a fait signe de m'approcher.EngThe Tonngommayel Cheif signaled me to approach him.2Frnêtre proche deEngto be near or close to;Si a runnyii Piilaaɗi, aɗa fonndi hoorɗoore, nde kewtuɗaa Seenoore fu, a ɓadeke yottaade Djibo.FrnSi tu quitte Piilaadi et tu arrive à Seenoore, tu a presque atteint Djibo.EngIf you leave Piilaaɗi, heading south, when you arrive at Seenoore you have nearly reached Djibo.Synonymsɓattaade 1ɗakkaadefeewndaade 1seɓaade 1sukkaade 1takkaade 1
ɓadiiɗum adjFrnprocheEngnear, close to
ɓadondirde vFrnêtre ensemble, être à côté l'un de l'autre, côte à côteEngto be together; to be next to or beside each otherSynonymsɓattondirdeɗakkondirdesamndaade 1seɓondirdetakkondirdewondude 1
ɓaggaade v1Frns'appuyer contre avec le dos ou les épaulesEngto lean against something with one's back or shoulderSynonymsɓaaraade 1deenaade2Frncesser de passer à la maison de quelqu'unEngto stop going past someone's house; usually because you are angry with that person; but there may be other reasons you want to avoid a certain placeSynonymsɓaaraade 1
ɓaggeede vFrnêtre adossé contreEngto be leaning against somethingSynonymsɓaareede
ɓaggude vFrnappuyer quelque chose contre une autre choseEngto lean something against something elseSynonymsɓaarude
ɓahanaade vFrnêtre seul responsable de garder le troupeauEngto be solely responsible for watching the animals - this is not necessarily a permanent arrangement as it may only last for a month or some longer prescribed timeComparetakkaade 1Synonymsɓaanaadejokkude 1tokkude
ɓaleejo nFrnAfricain noir, noirEnga black AfricanSynonymskaaɗo8.1FrnCouleurEngColour2FrnLa PersonneEngPerson4.3.1.3FrnCommunautéEngCommunitysing: o plur: ɓeɓaleeɓe
ɓaleeri yitere nFrnprunelle, irisEngpupil of eye, irisComparendaneeri yitere2.1FrnLe corpsEngBodysing: ndi plur: ɗiɓaleeriiji gite, ɓaleeri-gite
ɓalinaade vFrnregarder de travers, se renfrogner, avoir l'air abattu ou découragéEngto scowl or frown; to be downcastCompareɓernudehirnyudetikkudeSynonymsnyarɓinaadeŋoornaadeŋuyɓaade
ɓalinde vFrndevenir sombre (le ciel par les nuages avant la pluie)Engwhen the clouds blacken before it rains; to darken;Si ƴuwoonde ɓalinii fu, naaten suudu.FrnLorsque le ciel devient sombre nous allons dans la maison.EngIf the sky get dark let's go into the house.Synonymsɓawlinde 1hidinde 1
ɓalli nFrncorps (pl.)Engbodies (see ɓanndu)plur: ɗi