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sa'iiri nFrnorgeEngbarley5.2NourritureEngFoodFrnsing: ndi
sa'ude v1Frnfrire dans l'huileEngto fry in oil2Frncuire dans du sable chaud ou dans des cendres chaudesEngit can also refer to cooking in hot sand or hot ashesSynonymsbuuɗudenyaanyude 1wuuɗude
saa'a HausanFrnbonne chance, fortune, bonheurEnggood luck; fortune;O heɓii saa'a ko o runnyaay filowaade nagge makko nge de o maatani nge.FrnIl était chanceux d'avoir quitté pour chercher sa vache.EngHe was fortunate that he had left to look for his cow because he received news about her [before leaving].Synonymswunesing: o
saabaade arabevFrnsusciter, faire que qqch se passe, causer qqch, provoquerEngto cause to happen; provoke, generate, bring sth. about, arouseƁowɗi na mbaawi saabaade faa neɗɗo jontee.FrnLes moustiques peuvent faire que les gens ont le paludisme.EngMosquitoes can cause a person to have a fever.Kusaw o saabotoo durma.FrnLa poussière cause le froid.EngThe dust causes a cold.Synonymsumminde
saabanaade vFrnfaire que quelqu'un d'autre fait quelque chose, faire faire, faire que, causerEngto cause someone else to do something;Ɓowɗi caabantoo neɗɗo jontere.FrnLes moustiques font qu'on a de la fièvre.EngMosquitoes cause a person [to have] a fever.Synonymsumminde
saabe arabeadvFrnparce que, à cause de, carEngbecause ofSynonymsfiigaaye 1gamgan1ngam
saabeere nFrntombe, tombeauEnga grave; tombSynonymsufirdeuwirdeyanaandesing: nde plur: ɗe[J,Y,M] caabeeje/[G] saabeeje
saabunnde françaisnFrnsavonEngsoap; traditionally prepared from the ashes of burned millet stalks and butterComparekaata1Synonymshoritandekaataaresing: nde plur: ɗecaabune
saaɓaade vFrnmarcher dans / sur, faire un pasEngto stepSynonymshuulaade 1taaɓaade
saaɓannde nFrnun pas, démarcheEnga stepSynonymshuulannde 1taaɓanndeyaaɓere 1sing: nde plur: ɗesaaɓanɗe
saadaade vFrnfaire un petit tas de qqch (souvent pour vendre)Engto make a little pile or a group of something; usually used in reference to selling things;Saada albasal joy, joyFrnMettez les oignons en petits tas de cinq.EngPut the onions in little piles of five.Synonymsjoorude 1
Saadaajo nFrnun groupe de peuls qui vivent au nord de Soboulé dans la province du SoumEnga group of Fulɓe that live north of Soboulé in Soum ProvinceCompareJaawanɗo4.3.1.3CommunautéEngCommunityFrnsing: o plur: ɓeSaadaaɓe
saadaare nFrnun tas de qqch, un groupe de, pile deEnga pile or group of something; generally something which is for sale;Saadaare sunkaaji fuu buuɗi joy.FrnChaque petit tas d'arachides coûte 25 CFA.EngEach little pile of peanuts costs 25 cfa.sing: nde plur: ɗecaadaaje
saadewol nFrnfavoris, côteletteEnga side-burnComparewaareSynonymsgemenesing: ngol plur: ɗisaadeeji
saaɗude vFrnmourir sans avoir été tuéEngTo die without being killed; this usually refers to animals who have not been properly bled out; in which case the meat is forbidden for eating; i.e."ko saaɗi." With people; if the one who dies does not have anyone there to wash his face when he dies then they refer to him as a "caaɗuɗo.";Mbaalu makko waatii, saaɗiiFrnSon mouton est mort sans qu'on a fait couler le sang.EngHis sheep died without having been bled.O saaɗii sabo o sulmaaka.FrnIl es mort de manière impure car on n'a pas lavé son visage.EngHe died impure because his face was not washed.ComparesaattindesulmeedeSynonymsmaayudewaatude 1
saafude vFrntraire une vache un peu seulement, faire sortir du lait d'un trayon / tetteEngto milk an animal a little; to strip milk out of a teatCompareɓirude
saahaade v1Frnêtre poli, montrer du respect, être respectueux, être hospitalierEngto be polite; to show respect for those you meet on the road and who visit you; to enjoy having guests; to be hospitable;Mi weeranii o rawanin, imo saahii sanne.FrnJe l'ai visité l'an passé, il était très hospitalier.EngI visited him last year, he was very hospitable.2Frnd'un usage courantEngto be common or numerous;Imo woodi tummbuɗe de caahaaki.FrnIl a des calebasses mais seulement quelques-unes (ou seulement peu).EngHe has calabashes but only a few.Comparecaahu1saytorɗinde
saahel adv/n1FrnnordEngnorth2Frnle nord, sahelEngthe north, the Sahel
saahelinke nFrnsahélienEngSahelian, person living in the Sahel area
saakude v1Frnrépandre, éparpiller, semer en lançant, lancer des grains aux volailles, distribuer, parsemer qqchEngto scatter; to disperse; to sow seed by casting; to cast grain to chickens; to give money to the crowd; to pass out or distribute literature; to sprinkleSynonymsaawudehokkudesankitandesankitindeyeɗude2Frntomber de la pluieEngfor rain to fallSynonymssookudetoɓude
saakuuru françaisnFrnsacEnga sackSynonymsbootoorucaaku5.5RécipientEngContainerFrnsing: ndu plur: ɗicaakuuji
saamdude vFrntomber, chuterEngfall dawn, fall over
saaminde v1Frnlaisser tomber, jeter par terreEngto drop something; to throw something downSynonymsfaɗɗindefottindelimnude 1linnude 1samminde 12Frnabattre, renverserEngto knock something down that is standingSynonymsboɓɓinde 1liɓudesamminde 1
saamondirolnFrnaccouplementEngmating6.3ÉlevageEngAnimal husbandryFrnlaamondirol