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aawre n1Frntemps de semaillesEngplanting time2Frnsemailles, plantationEngplantingsing: nde
aawre saaketeendevFrnsemer à la voléeEngsow by broadcasting6.2FrnAgricultureEngAgriculture
aawre saaketeende
aawude vFrnplanter ou semerEngto plant or sow seedComparedarnitaadeSynonymsjabbude 1saakude 1ufude 1uwude 16.2FrnAgricultureEngAgriculture
aawude leɗɗevFrnboiserEngafforest, plant trees
aawude leɗɗe
tiiraade leɗɗe
aayaare arabenFrnun versetEnga verseComparesoortewol 1suurasing: nde plur: ɗeaayaaje
abada advFrnjamais; «faa abada» veut dire «pour toujours», éternel, éternitéEngnever; faa abada means forever
abajadanFrnalphabet Engalphabet 3.23.2FrnLecture / écritureEngReading / writing
abajadda arabearabenFrnalphabetEngalphabet3.23.2FrnLecture / écritureEngReading / writing
sing: o
abba araben1FrnpèreEngfather2Frnoncle (souvent utilisé pour désigner le plus âgé ou le plus honoré des oncles)Enguncle - often used of the oldest or most honored of one's uncles;ComparebaabiiwosaaraSynonymsbaaba 1sing: o plur: ɓeabbiraaɓe
aboka françaisnFrnavocatEnglawyer3.43.4FrnJuridiqueEngLegal6.1FrnTravailleurEngWorkerawokajinnganoowo
Abraama hébreu/arabenFrnAbramEngAbramCompareIbrahiima
accannde vFrncéder àEngto give in to, to give way, to give up, to yield to
accintindevFrninfirmerEngdenySynonymsfenudeyeddude 1
accirgol nFrnpermis, laisser passerEngpermit, license, pass
accitinde vFrnannuler, décider de ne pas faire quelque chose qu'on avait dit, se laisser fléchirEngcancel, rescind, to decide not do something you said you were going to do, to relentComparebonnitindemimsitindewaylitaade 1waylitinde 1
accitinndevFrnrenoncer à faire qqchEngto renounce, to abandon, to give up, to relinquish, waive
accude v1Frnlaisser derrière, laisser seul, omettreEngto leave behind, to leave alone, leave outSynonymsɗalude 1selude 1woppude 1yoofude1 1yoppude 12Frnlaisser tomber exprèsEngto drop something deliberatelySynonymsɗalude 1selude 1woppude 1yoofude1 1yoppude 13Frncesser de faire quelque choseEngcease doing something you used to doSynonymsɗalude 1selude 1woppude 1yoofude1 1yoppude 14Frnémettre, libérerEngto releaseSynonymsɗalude 1selude 1woppude 1yoofude1 1yoppude 15Frnsuspendre du travail, laisser partir, licencier, renvoyerEngto dismiss from employment, let go, fireSynonymsɗalude 1selude 1woppude 1yoofude1 1yoppude 16FrndivorcerEngto divorceSynonymsɗalude 1selude 1woppude 1yoofude1 1yoppude 17FrndissocierEngto disassociate;Mi accii o sabo o wanaa kaaloowo goonga.FrnJe n'ai rien à faire avec lui car il ne dit pas la vérité.EngI have nothing to do with him because he doesn't tell the truth.Synonymsɗalude 1hutaadeselude 1woppude 1yoofude1 1yoppude 18Frnpermettre quelque choseEngto permit somethingSynonymsduŋanaade
aɗaspnFrntu (forme longue)Engyou (singular - long form)Synonymsanana a
adaduaraben1Frnle total, le nombreEngthe total, the number;Mi limii ɗi, mi ndaarii, mi tawii haddi adadu majji wo hemre.FrnJe les ai compté et j'ai trouvé que leur nombre total est 100.EngI counted them and I found that the total of them was 100.2Frnla populationEngthe population;Adadu Boussouma wo yimɓe hemre e noogay.FrnLa population de Boussouma compte 120 personnes.EngThe population of Boussouma is 120 people.3Frnla valeur, le coûtEngthe value, cost;Mi yeeyteke kulle sappo, adadu buuɗi majji wo ujunaaje capanɗe tati.FrnJ'ai marchandé le prix de 10 animaux, leur coût est de 150'000 F CFA.EngI dickered over the price of 10 animals, the cost was 150,000 cfa.Comparehiisaade 1limoorelimudesing: o plur: ɗiadaduuji
adadu ɓe sidaa ley nokkuexprFrnséro prévalenceEngHIV/AIDS sero prevalence2.2.2FrnMaladieEngDisease
adadu ɓe sidaa ley nokku
adakaalHausanFrncoffre, malleEnga case or trunkComparehandeerehonndooreSynonymskeesuwal
sing: ngal plur: ɗeadakaaje
adalanFrnmuscleEngmuscleTergal tewuuwal waawungal ñoofaade na forcoo Synonymshuyre 2suyre 1
adanirdenFrnprépositionEngpreposition9FrnLa GrammaireEngGrammar
siforde innde
adirgalnFrnbrancard fait de bois, litière (lit à porteurs)Enga stretcher made of wood, can be used to move people (both dead and alive) as well as things; a litterSynonymskarammbammba 1kooƴirgal 1sing: ngal plur: ɗeadirɗe