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Adnin arabenFrnÉden, ParadisEngEden - Arabic term, not used in new translation (see Eden), ParadiseComparekammu 1SynonymsaljennaEden
adoowo fottoo nFrnphotographeEngphotographer6.1FrnTravailleurEngWorker
adoowo fottoo
adude vFrnprendre, bouger quelque chose ou quelqu'un, ou même soi-même d'un endroit à un autreEngtake, to move something, someone, or even yourself from one place to anotherComparediisaadedisaadeSynonymsdiinude 1diisindedirnudedisindefootaade 1fottaade 1sottinde 1sottude 1
adude aadiexprFrnprendre un engagementEngmake a commitment to
adude fottoo vFrnphotographierEngtake pictures, take photos, to photograph
adude fottoo
adude haalaexprFrnprendre la paroleEngspeak, to take the floor3FrnLe langage et la penséeEngLanguage and thought
adugol aadiexprFrnengagementEngcommitment, involvement, engagement
adunaaji nFrngensEngpeopleSynonymsannaajihimɓe 1nimɓeyimɓe 1plur: ɗi
adunaaru araben1Frnle monde, la terreEngthe world, the earth2Frnles gens du mondeEngthe people of the worldSynonymsannaaruduuniyaaru 1
adunaaru 1
sing: ndu
afaade vFrnaccoucher le premier enfant, donner naissance au premier enfant; ce mot est seulement utilisé pour une femme et non pas pour des animauxEngto give birth to your first child; this term is only used of women, not animalsCompareɓeynuderimudeSynonymsdikkaade
afagol nFrnprimipareEngprimiparaNeɗɗo maa huunde nde aranal mum fu rimudeSynonymsdikkingol
Afo nFrnle nom du premier filsEngthe name of the first sonCompareDemboNjobboPaateSammboYeroSynonymsHammadum2.32.3FrnNomEngNamesing: o
agijame françaisnFrnexamenEngexam, examination
akalal n1Frnauge en bois pour animaux Enga wooden trough or manger used for feeding or watering animalsSynonymsjarnirgalyarnirgal2Frnpirogue, barque, bateauEnga dugout canoe, boatComparegaafolwalkaSynonymslaana ndiyamsing: ngal plur: ɗeakalaaje
akorbaasi françaisnFrnacrobatieEngacrobatics6.1FrnTravailleurEngWorker
al'aada arabenFrncoutume, pratique, traditionEnga custom, practice, or traditionComparefinaatawaatawaangalSynonymsdaatagaaditagusing: o plur: ɗial'aadaaji
alaama araben1Frnsignes ou symptômes de ce qui vient ou ce qui est passéEngsigns or symptoms of what is to come or what is past;Mi yi'ii alaama ƴoonde waran hannden.FrnJe vois des signes qu'il va pleuvoir aujourd'hui.EngI see signs that it will rain today.2Frnune description de ce que les choses étaientEnga description of how things used to be;Mi yi'ii alaama geesi to ɓe ndemanoo.FrnJ'ai vu des signes/traces des champs qu'ils avaient cultivés dans le passé.EngI saw the signs of fields they had cultivated in the past.Synonymsaahiila 1alhaali 1sifa 1sing: o plur: ɗialaamaaji
alaama annditirɗo nyawexprFrnsymptômeEngsymptom2.2.2FrnMaladieEngDisease
alaama annditirɗo nyaw
alaama dartorɗenFrnsigne de ponctuationEngpunctuation marks3.23.2FrnLecture / écritureEngReading / writing
alaama dartorɗe
alaama nyawnFrnsigne cliniqueEngclinical sign2.2.2FrnMaladieEngDisease
Alal arabenFrndimancheEngSundaysing: o plur: ɗiAlaleeji
alam baanaa nFrnzèbreEngzebraSynonymsallumbaanaaraawa mbaaneewa1.5.1.1FrnMammifèreEngMammal
alam baanaa
sing: (n)ga plur: ɗialam mbaanaaji
Alarba arabenFrnmercrediEngWednesday;Alarba paltiiɗoFrnLe mercredi passé.Englast WednesdayAlarba garoowoFrnLe mercredi prochain.Engnext WednesdayAlarbaare faltiindeFrnMercredi passé.Englast WednesdayAlarbaare warooreFrnMercredi prochain.Engnext WednesdaySynonymsAlorbasing: o plur: ɗeAlarbaaje