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ga1 advFrniciEnghereSynonymsɗo
ga2 1rpnFrnlequel, quiEngwhich2dpnFrncelui, celaEngthis; that - this is one of three noun classes used to refer to a large thing - the plural noun class associate with this usage of ga is ko2 in Group III; e.g. nagga ga {the large cow}Synonymsnga 1
ga'a nFrnun très gros taureauEnga very large bull - this term is rarely usedSynonymsnga'anga'alnga'i1.5.1.1FrnMammifèreEngMammalsing: (n)ga plur: koga'o
ga'al nFrnun très gros taureauEnga very large bull - this term is rarely usedSynonymsnga'anga'alnga'ising: (n)gal plur: koga'o
ga'i1 nFrnun gros taureauEnga large bullSynonymsnga'anga'alnga'i1.5.1.1FrnMammifèreEngMammalsing: (n)gi plur: koga'o
ga'i2 nFrntaureauxEngbulls (see ngaari)èreEngMammalplur: ɗi
gaaci nFrnmusique (musique de guitare)Engmusic - specific guitar musicComparehoddumunkaruplur: ɗi
gaafal nFrnpoutre sur laquelle on met d'autres bois pour le toitEngthe beam upon which the smaller sticks and mud are placed to form the roof of a houseSynonymspuccuwalsing: ngal plur: ɗegaafe
gaafol nFrnabreuvoir fait d'argile cuiteEnga watering trough made of baked mudCompareyarnirgalSynonymswalka5.5FrnRécipientEngContainersing: ngol plur: ɗigaafi
gaafol ndiyam tuunɗamexprFrnégoutsEngsewers1.3FrnEauEngWater
gaafol ndiyam tuunɗam
gaajaade v1Frnconverser ou bavarder avec quelqu'un, provoquer, défierEngto converse or chat with someone, provoke, challengeSynonymsfillaade 1yeewtude2Frnparler de manière amoureuse avec quelqu'un du sexe opposé, flirterEngto sweet talk a member of the opposite sex; to flirtComparehaaludewi'ude
gaale n1Frnchapelet, rosaireEngrosary beads (see waalde)2Frnnombres de 0-9, unitéEngmathematically the group of single digit integers; i.e. 0-9;suudu gaale, suudu capanɗe, suudu keme, suudu ujunaaje gaale, suudu ujunaaje cepanɗe, suudu ujunaaje kemeFrnunités, dizaines, centaines, milles, unités de dix-milles, unités de centaines de milliersEngones, tens, hundreds,single thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands
gaale 1
plur: ɗe
gaanay nFrnespèce d'arbre avec fruits consommablesEngkind of treeSynonymsnelɓingaanaahiDiospyros mespiliformis1.4.1FrnArbresEngTree
sing: ki plur: ɗeganaaje
gaande nFrnthoraxEngthoraxSynonymsdomre2.1FrnLe corpsEngBodywakawal-ɓernde
Gaani n1Frnle troisième mois de l'année lunaireEngthe third month of the lunar year2Frnla fête de la naissance de Mohammed / Mahomet, MouloudEngthe feast of Mohammed's birthday - Mouloudsing: o
gaaraasi nFrnfils, ficellesEngstrings, threads, cords
gaarawol nFrnficelle ou fil fait de coton ou matériaux synthétiquesEnga string or thread made of either cotton or synthetic materialsSynonymsɓorowolsing: ngol plur: ɗigaaraaji
gaari nFrntaureauEngbullCompareɓujirikalahaldiSynonymsngaari1.5.1.1FrnMammifèreEngMammalsing: (n)di plur: ɗiga'i
gaarowol nFrnfil, ficelleEngthread, yarn, string
gaasa nFrncheveuxEnghair2.1FrnLe corpsEngBody
gaasi françaisnFrngazEnggas
gaasol n1Frnlonge cheveu de queue de cheval ou bœufEngthe long hair of the horse's or cow's tailComparengaasa2Frncorde d'un instrument musicalEnga string on a stringed instrumentComparegeegeeruhoddujurkelyeegineerusing: ngol plur: ɗigaasi
gaatere nFrnrotEnga burpsing: nde plur: ɗegaate
gaatude vFrnroter, faire un rotEngto burp
gaawal nFrnlance courteEnga short spearComparelabbo1 16.7FrnOutilEngToolsing: ngal plur: ɗegaawe