Dr. Richard Smith, formerly of SIM in Burkina Faso, began collecting Fulfulde words from 1991-1995, and published the first edition of a 4,659-word Fulfulde-English dictionary. After working another 12 years, Dr. Smith, produced a second edition of the dictionary containing 7,124 words and 1,500 illustrative phrases.  The words from four dialects of Fulfulde are displayed in this dictionary:  Jelgoore, Yaagaare, Gurmaare, Moosiire. Dr. Smith is grateful for the help from Fulbe speakers who have provided this valuable data. He did not have an informant from Liptaakuure, another Burkina Faso sub-dialect, in order to gather words from that dialect.

Fulfulde dialect map by Urs Niggli, 2023


Later on, we have enlarged this dictionary by consulting different sources, so that now there are 11430 entries and 3000 colour illustrations, and over 8600 sound files. A computer version can be downloaded from the internet web site


This dictionary database has been converted into FLEx to enable better dictionary lookup features. A rudimentary mobile app with Dictionary App Builder is also available on google Play Store, free download.

This same dictionary is also available for iPhone on the App Store

We invite anyone who has suggestions for additional words for this dictionary to leave a message on the Contact Us page.