The Gaahmg language is spoken by over 150,000 speakers in the southeast region of Sudan, in An Nil al Azraq state: Baw district, Jebel Tabi and outlying hills. The Gaahmg clans include: Agadi, Bagis, Beek, Bulmut, Kilgu, Kukuli, Mugum, and Sidak.

This language is classified as Nilo-Saharan, Satellite-Core, Core, Eastern Sudanic, Southern (n-languages), Eastern Jebel, Gaam.
There are four dialects of Gaahmg: Soda (Tao), Kukur (Gor), Kulang (Bau, Kulelek), and Buwahg (Buek). Alternate names for Gaahmg include Ingassana, Ingessana, Kamanidi, Mamedja, Mamidza, Metabi, Muntabi, and Tabi.

The Gaahmg highly value their language.  People of all ages use the language in various settings, including the home.  Many people have contributed to the development of this language, and this dictionary is one of the results.  There are other types of literature and literacy materials in the language.  A grammar has also been written.

In the Gaahmg language, there are different types of words:  nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, connectors, and others.  This dictionary lists many words and tells what kind of word each is.  It also gives the meaning of each word in English and Arabic.  Each word is listed according to the order of the alphabet letters so that it is easier to find the words.  This dictionary also shows how each word should be spelled.  The lessons of the Gaahmg Consonant and Vowel Book and the Gaahmg Grammar Book should be learned and used along with this dictionary.

It is especially important for those writing books to check the spelling of words.  If all writers spell the way that words are written in this dictionary, it will be easier for readers to recognize each word when they read them.  Please note any words in this dictionary that are misspelled or have the wrong English or Arabic meaning.  Also, let us know if you have additional words for this dictionary.  You can use the Contact Us page under the Help menu of this dictionary.