Gonja – English


duwule n stick for stirring "kude" (sem. domains: 1.5 - Plant.)
duusa n husk; chaff
duu v to sow
dusopo adj tenth
durinyaebi n people of the earth
durinya n world
duŋkusa /aduŋkusa n trouser
duŋ v 1to extinguish, to quench (a light) 2to bite, to sting
duni v to show off
dulwi v to mark (with a sign), to stamp
duli v to be like, to be similar, to resemble
dulgi v to mark (with a sign), to stamp
dul v to leak
dufɛso adj sweet smelling
dufɛ v to smell, to stink
dubi n kind of; sort of
duba v to beg for alms
dua n cassava (sem. domains: 5.2 - Food.)
du nyikeke v to be slow
du nuso? v how is ? Fo nio du nuso? How is your mother
du kpakpa v to be hard, to be hardened, to be expensive
du fane v to be like
du v to seem, to be e du boeŋ he is quiet
dra na unknown long ago
dra /adra n beating stick (sem. domains: 1.5 - Plant.)