Gonja – English


fuye n oribi antelope
fuwe v to sweep
futi v to pierce (a wound), to bore, to break, to inject
fute n wurge v to sigh deeply
fute v to sigh, to breathe
fusa /afusa n cloth, (i.e. smock)
furuchu n dew
furu n marriage, acccording to Muslim religion b kre mo furu they performed the marriage rites for her (after delivering)
furbi n shrub, the bark of which is used for yeast (sem. domains: 1.5 - Plant.)
fur so v to sprinkle flour or pepper
funte v to frighten
fulwe v to peel
fulte v to bubble, to boil
fulɔŋ adj nothing, void, empty enɔ fulɔŋ empty handed
fuli to v to shine
fuli kagbene v to make happy
fuli v to be glad, to be white, to shine
fuli v to burn off (the hair of an animal to be roasted)
fulge n to peel
fuleyɔlpo n nightjar (bird)
fule v to lie, to fool, to cheat, to deceive, to seduce, to lead astray
fula v to disgrace
fuge v to sweep
fuful adj white, pure, saintly
fuchu n dew