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ga'gaʔv.fasten clothing, button a shirt.synsãregɛga'ariga'aga'aragba (Bolga)
gagav.dig shallow holes, trenches.A ga la bogero.he dug holes.gaarigaarɛgaara
gã'ga̰ʔ food with little or no soup.A gã sagebɔ la mɛ.he ate the tz dry.5.2Foodgã'arigã'agã'ara
1gá̰ specks, the white dirt (faeces) deposited on food by the housefly.Zu'a la nyɛ' la gã dia la zuo.the fly deposited specks on the food.
2ga̰v.1be lying down, be in a horizontal position.Bia la gã mɛ.the child is lying down.2be asleep, sleepingA gã mɛ.he is sleeping.gã'atigã'aregɔgã'ata
gã'agá̰ʔa̰gã'asin.lying downAzampuyɛla gã'a ka suŋa.lying flat on the back is not good.KA/SI
gaafaragàa'fàrainterj.sorry, forgive me, excuse meHau.
gaamgaamv.1mixA gaam mui la tɛa la dugɛ.she mixed the rice and beans and cooked them.2break down mentally. A yɛm n gaam.he had a mental breakdown (lit. his senses are mixed up).gaanigaaŋɔgaana
ga'arɛgàʔarɛga'aran.udder, of animals eg. goats, sheep, cows.1.5.9Part of an animalDI/'A
gãarɛgà̰a̰rɛn.a steamed cake, of any kind of beans. Eaten with oil, salt and pepper. 5.2FoodDI/'A
gã'arɛ1ga̰ʔa̰rɛv.1lie down, take a prone position in order to sleep.A gã'arɛ suŋɔ la puan.he lay down on the mat.A gã'arɛ mɛ.he is lying down, is sleeping.A gã'arɛ la kom.she went to sleep hungry.2copulate, have sex, with a man or a womanPɔka la gã'arɛ la budaa la.the woman slept with the man.gã 2gã'atigã'aregɔgã'ata
gã'arɛ2gà̰ʔarɛgã'araadj.without soup, of tz.sagegã'arɛtz without soup.DI/'A
gaarigàarin.a cassava food, gari, eaten by soaking in water and adding sugar.5.2FoodDIAk., ult. Hau.
gaasagàahan.sth.uncceptable, disapproved of.A itegɔ la de la gaasa.his behaviour is unacceptable. A gaasa itegɔ tuuma la ka suŋa.his unacceptable behaviour is not good.
ga'asɛ1gaʔahɛv. iter.separate things that are interlocked, twined together.A ga'asɛ kɔma la n yɔgɛ la.he has separated the children who are locked together (wrestling)ga'aseriga'asegɔ
gaasɛ1gaahɛv. iter.collect and throw sand out of a ditch with a hoe.gaaserigaasegɔgaasera
gaasɛ2ga̰ahɛv. iter.take part of what someone has, while keeping yours.A gaasɛ la a tadaana dia.he ate his colleague's food (instead of his own).gaaserigaasegɔgaaseraMildly pejor.
ga'asɛ2gaʔahɛv. iter.perform a ceremony, in connection with a ritual eg. nyuusego or do'oŋo, in which a person is seated and a calabash of flour water or pito is passed around his/her upper body. S/he then takes a sip and spits it on the ground to the left and the right.Ba ga'asɛ kiibega la.they performed the g. ceremony for the orphan.4.5Religionga'aseriga'asegɔ
gaba1gában.a talismanic medicine, composed of small sticks or seeds and a string, worn on the wrist by a sick person, or by a newborn baby.4.5ReligionBA
gaba2gában. pl.1sexual sin committed by a widow or widower, by having sex before the performance of the funeral of the deceased spouse. The widow or widower should not have sex before undergoing purifying rituals during the performance of the funeral. This sexual sin is believed to have serious spiritual repercussions for the culprit.4.5Religion2taboo on spouses having sex before the performance of their child's funeral.4.5Religion'A
gabegɛ1gabəgɛv. compl. 1whip across the surface of a body, strike with a whipping motion, with a cane.2walk across a place to shorten one's route, take a short cut. Sore la n wɔgɛ la ti a gabegɛ bu'ɔ la kule.because the road is far he went home across the valley.gabɛ 1gabegerigabegerɛgabegera
gabegɛ2gabəgɛv. compl. untie, untether a cow. Refers specifically to a cow that is tethered by its horns.A gabegɛ naafɔ la.she untied the cow's horns.lorege; gabɛ 2gabegerigabegerɛgabegera
gabɛ1gabɛv.1whip a cane across the surface of several things.2walk across, repeatedly or by several people.gabegɛ 1gaberigabegerɛgabera
gabɛ2gabɛv.tie cows by the hornsgaberigabegerɛgabegera
ga'ɛgaʔɛv.1make a way, open a passage through a barrier.Budaa la ga'ɛ nɛrekuuŋɔ puan tole.the man passed through the crowd.Ga'ɛ lɔleŋa la ti ko'om la tole.make a passage for the water to pass.A ga'ɛ sore la mɛ.he opened the way, created a path.2open upA ga'ɛ dayuo baŋa la.he opened the rat'ariga'arɛga'araga'agɛ