Credits & acknowledgements



With profound gratitude, the editors wish to acknowledge the cooperation of several people. We want to thank Dr. Hannes Hirzel of the University of Zürich/GILLBT for his indispensable help in configuring both the Keyman keyboard and the MDF. He gave many hours of assistance and technical advice. In the early stages of the project, Nancy and Bob Schaefer very generously allowed us to use their unpublished (as well as the published) materials. We also thank GILLBT in general and Paul Sehaefer in particular for helping us to obtain and use the Ghana keyboards designed by GILLBT.

Erika Eichholzer generously gave us her late uncle’s vocabulary cards. Roger Blench provided a useful list of botanical and zoological identifications, and the herbarium of the Botany department of the University of Ghana was very helpful in identifying additional plants. William Ayambire of the Ghana Tourist Board also contributed plant and animal names. We are indebted to Emmanuel Ayire for anatomical and disease identifications.

At a workshop held in Bolgatanga in November 2004, working groups provided new words and corrections. Participants included:

- Food and Cooking: Louis B. Asakeya (GES), Agatha Ayeriga (Bolga Preparatoıy Primary), Florence Dok (then at Akantome Primary), Joseph Ayamga (Gowrie Secondary/Technical School)

- Religion: Patrick Apeligiba (St. John Bosco's Training College), Margaret Adongo (NF ED), Paul Ken Akolgo (Catholic Mission, Bolga), Emestina Apassnaba (Abilba No.l J SS) P '

- Crafts: Martin Amaale (NF ED), Beatrice Abiire (Bolgatanga Girls Secondary), Reuben Adugbila N-yaaba (Bongo District Assembly), Richard Adongo (Dept. of Community Development, Bolga), Stephen Adasuna' (Bolga Municipal Assembly)

- Music and Dance: Simon Peter Akanzum (GES District Office, Navrongo), Faustina Agongo (St John°s J SS), Julius Amenga-etego, Gilbert Atanga (Kasena-Nankana District Assembly), Francis Asekeya

- Funerals, Festivals and Ritual: Martin Abiriya (Gbewaa Training College), Roger Asaah (Nyariga Junior Secondary School).

- Medicine: Emmanuel Ayire Adongo (then at Bolga Regional Hospital), Joseph Aboya (GILLBT), Alex Abosungo (GBC, URA Radio)

- Blacksmithing: Padmore N-yaabila Mbela (then at Zorkor-Gamborongo J. SS), Moses N-yaaba (then at Gowrie J SS), Theresa Alegmiah (Zaare Bolga Islamic Primary School)

- Others included James Ababila (Gurenɛ  Unit, UEW), Elias Azure Abange (Anglican JSS Bolga) F. Ana-am Asakeya (NFED), Robert Aburiya (Sacred Heart JSS), B.B. Bananzi (T alensi-Nabdam District Assembly), Nyaaba R. Apotiga (Anafobisi J SS), Vivian Anafo (EQUALL Project, Tongo).

- Metal working and smithing consultants in metal working and smithing included: Ayeta Anaafo of Gowrie, Adogepa'ase Apo-eera of Dangweo, Asaayamga Akolego of Zaare, Abonteesum Patrick of Yorogo, Alegmiah Ayine of Zo'obiisi.

- Weaving: Hany Anyoka collected weaving vocabulary.

We are grateful to all of them, and trust they will find this online dictionary useful.