Android Version

Download and install from Google Play an app version of the dictionary for use on an Android mobile phone.

Or download and install directly from Webonary: Lexique_gusiilaay-1.0

You may be asked a security question. This file will not harm your device so click ‘OK’. Then click ‘Open’.


If this option does not work, you may need to download a File Manager App to enable you to do so. The following guidelines should help:

We used Xiaomi File Manager which can be freely downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store. Once you download your File Manager, follow the steps below to install the Gusiilaay dictionary app for offline use on your smartphone:

  1. Find and open the File Manager app.
  2. Lexique_gusiilaay-1.0 should appear in the main screen.  If not, try swiping down the screen to refresh.
  3. Click Lexique_gusiilaay-1.0 to open.
  4. You will be asked if you want to install. The app will require access to SD card.  Click ‘Install’.
  5. Once installed you will see the Gusiilaay dictionary icon ready to use among your phone apps!

Please Note: These guidelines are accurate at the time of writing, however as outside software is being continually updated, some slight differences may arise.  Please contact us for additional support.

Still to come

Downloadable Version (for Windows, Linux or Mac)

We have a first draft of a downloadable version of the dictionary for offline use. Please contact us if you are interested.