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Gusiilaay- French

-The main entry in Gusiilaay is in bold.

Normally this will be the singular form of the noun and the infinitive of the verb.

- The part of speech is in italics (for example n ou v)

- The meaning of the word in French follows in normal letters. If there are several meanings, they are marked 1), 2) etc.

- The name(s) of the semantic domain is written in brackets, preceded by 'sem. dom:'

- If a word is not the same in all of the wards ('quartiers') then it is a dialectal synonym. The initial letter of the ward is marked in square brackets. 'Syn. dial.' is written after the meaning of the word, followed by the form that is used in the other wards. This latter word has a hyperlink to the version of it as a main entry.

For example:

Here [D] means that fundaap is the word used in Daga for 'corde' (rope). Batine, Kamanar and Ñiaganan say fulahaay.


- This dictionary has been designed to be used primarily in the direction gusiilaay to French. The French-Gusiilaay page has been generated automatically.

- The main entries in French are in bold. The meaning in Gusiilaay is in italics. The Sense number of the word is given (1,2) etc. YOu can click on the Gusiilaay word to look it up in the Gusiilaay-French dictionary.