The Benishangul-Gumuz Regional Bureau of Education delegated to us the task of compiling a complete Gwama dictionary.

This dictionary has been produced with the aim of aiding the Gwama people of Ethiopia in understanding the words they are familiar with in their own language. The dictionary will be used for multi-lingual education as well as for preparing documents, books and other materials for the Gwama community.

In 2014 a Dictionary consultant from SIL International facilitated a workshop called Rapid Word Collection in Asosa. Gwama speakers participated in the workshop in which various categories were discussed in order to collect over 6,000 words in the vernacular.

We have not been able to exhaust the list of categories because of the limitations of time and personnel. Therefore, we request every Gwama speaker to suggest words to add to the dictionary. Please leave your comments on the Contact Us page.