Halbi - English


-एँv11st person,singularमोएँ नी जानें, तूमी तो। I don't know, you do.पोएसा के नी साँगें बाई।I won't tell about the money, Bai.2 1st person,singular,optative mood
-एँगे2ẽgeborr. fr. Hin-ऊँदे
एँडẽɖcfलोओड़ाँngenital organs (masc)considered to be an extremely profane word2.1.8.3Male organs
एँदाẽdamkrredup endingredupगागेंदा गागेंदागागूक
-एँदेẽdev1st person,singular,future1 tense
-एँसेẽsev1st person,singular,present incomplete tense
1ecf1एई1ppronhe यह2ppronshe3ppronit4demthisयहcomp.ए बाटेबाटे5pronthis person6pronthis one7empemphatic marker8exclexclamation for attention9exclder.ए मन=मन1say.काए हून एकाएहून
-ए2e1v3rd person,singularघर चो देओ धरू रोए।The house spirit had taken hold of him.2advemphatic marker on adverbआरू डँडीक लोग जूऊला जमाए।And in a little while everyone gathered together.9.2.3Pronounscomp.एके झानझानएक3nemphatic marker on nounहून दीने हून मन घरो लोग मन पेज राँदूआत।On that day those people will prepare gruel.4rhyMrkrrhymer markercomp.लागे लागलागे5n > nlocation marker on nounएक राती सोऊलू आऊर हून मन आदो डोंगरी गूड़ा गेला आऊर अदो सहरे ठेबला।We slept there one night, and half of them went to Dongri village and half stayed in the city.6v > advadverbaliser marker for verbमूरे हार खूब गमाऊआए।The very first time it will take a long time.7v > nnominaliserतूची बीती के फेर साँगेंदे अएसा चीमके बीती के।I will tell your very thing, the pinching thing.comp.माँगे भागमाँगूकभागूकph. v.ओराए होऊकओराऊकओसाए होऊकओसाऊकखजाए होऊकखजाऊकठटाए होऊकठटाऊकपोकाए होऊकपोकाऊक8postpon; with; toपोता सँगे सरान देतोर आए सर सर।It is to be plastered with a plastering cloth quickly.चारी ऊना लखे राजा ईला बोले, हून सोबा मँधीरे एदे।When the kings of the earth come, they'll come to the competition arena. comp.थानेथान1
ए अ हएe ə həeexclexclamation of surprise (as in 'Really!')
ए एe eexclexclamation of hesitation (as in 'Ummm')
ए ए काएe e kaeexclexclamation of hesitation (as in 'Ummm')
ए काएe kaeexclhesitation expressed as 'ummए काए कूमडा मन बाचालासोतजे ऊसनी करतो काजे बाचातोर आए।Ummm, that which has been left for Kumda, doing just like that is to be left.
ए काए तोe kae toexclexclamation of hestiation (as in 'Umm!')
ए जानूe dʒanuexclexclamation of hesitation
ए बाटेe baʈecomAdvthis directioncomp. of1 4बाटेबाटेए बाटे हून बाटेcomAdvhere and there; this direction and that direction
ए भगवानe bʰəɡwanexclOh god!
ए मनe mənppronthey; these peopleये'he/she/it' e + 'plural marker' mənder. of=मन11=मन1
ए माए लोटेआe mae loʈeaexclcursing (one who has sex with his mother)