Halbi - English

ओंएआõeanEnglarge edible frogHinमेंन्‍दक8.2Big1.6.1.3Reptile
ओंएचूकõetʃuktrVbEngto winnowseparate rice from husks in a winnowing basket sup7.5.1.1Separate, scatter
winnow action direction
ओंगतो बीतीõɡto biticfओंगन नराcomp. ofओंगूक-अन 2नराcnEngstick used for oiling or greasing oxcart6.7Toolcomp. ofओंगूक-तो1बीती 2thing
ओंगन तेलõɡən telcfगाड़ा तेलcomp. ofगाड़ातेलcnEngoil for oxcart; grease for oxcart6.2.8Agricultural tool7. ofओंगूकतेल-आन
ओंगन नराõɡən nəracfओंगतो बीतीcomp. ofओंगूक-तो1बीती 2cnEngoil pot for ox-cartmade from a piece of bamboo7. ofओंगूक-अन 2nomनरा
ओंगूकõɡukvEngto grease oxcart wheel; to oil oxcart wheel6.7.8Parts of tools8.6Parts of thingscomp.ओंगतो बीतीcnओंगन तेलcnओंगन नराcn
ओंडकाõɖkanEngintestines; bowelsHinअँतड़ी2.1.8Internal organs
ओंडकीõɖkinEngbird type
ओंडाõɖanEngwrinkleHinभुररीबोड़ा ओंडाcnredupओंडा ओंडाcomAdj
ओंडा ओंडाõɖa õɖacomAdjEngwrinkledचामडी ओंडा ओंडा होलीसे।The skin has become wrinkled. ofओंडा
ओंडारõɖarnEngbee1.6.1.7Insectcomp.ओंडार तेलcnओंडार पोरीcnओंडार मोसीcnबाग ओंडारcn
ओंडार तेलõɖar telcnEnghoneyHinमधु; शहद5.2.3.2Food from animals5.2Food6.4.4Beekeepingcomp. ofतेलओंडार
ओंडार पोरीõɖar poricnEnghoneycombHinछत्ता1.6.5Animal home6.4.4Beekeepingcomp. ofपोरी1ओंडार
ओंडार मोसीõɖar mosicnEngbeeHinमधुमाखी ofमोसीओंडार
ओंडेआऊकõɖeauktrVbEngto fold over; to gather up; to collect togetherHinघड़ी करनाusually into a basket or container and may be grains, clothes, etc.7.5Arrange7.5.1Gather
-ओo1vEng3rd person, singular, optative moodहो चीगड़ू साँगो।Yes, Chingaru should tell.आऊर हून पोंगनाहा मन आऊर लोग मन के काईं होओ माँगूआत आऊर हून लोग मन हून मँगू बीता के नी दीलेने हून पोंगनाहा मन हून नी देऊ लोग मन के पाँगूात।And that male witch will beg from others, whoever they may be, and if those people don't give to the begging one, those male witches will curse those who don't give.2vEng2nd person, singular, imperative moodतेबे, "नी आए बाबू नी आए," बोलतो के, "जाओ जाओ," बोलून भाती नाई हून बोड़गी ने कोचकून देओत पेट ने।Then, at the time of saying, "I don't have it, Babu, I don't have it," after having said, "go! go!" they poke her in the stomach with that stick.comp.ao dʒaoid.ao dʒao3n > possnEngpossessiveहून चो घरो धान ने गेली।It went into his house's paddy rice.4dimsnEnglarge size5cnvsufEng nominaliser
ओ बापरेo bapreexclEngidiomatic expression similar to 'Oh god!'
ओआड़ीoaɽinEngtype of curtain6.5.2.5Window
ओआड़ूकoaɽukcfओड़ाऊकder. ofओड़ूकv1Engto string2Engto stretch out
ओएoeexclEngexclamation of positive responseused in answer to a call
ओएकूकoekuk1itVbEngto gag2.2Body functions2vEngto retch2.5.2.3Stomach illness2.1.1.4Mouth
ओएगूकoeɡuktrVb1Engto scoop crabs out of holes in field7.8.6Dig6.2.9Farmland2Engto clean out baby's mouthand use finger covered with a cloth5.6.1Clean, dirty2.1.1.4Mouth
ओओलoolnEnglikenessबा बीता असन ओओल आए।(He) looks like his father., model
ओकनीoknicfकँदीढेंड़गाnEnglouse found in people's hair and in animals' furHinजूं
ओकारूकokarukvEnguncertain meaning