Halbi - English

ज-relMrkrEngrelative8.4.5Relative time9.2.3.3Relative pronouns
जकड़dʒəkəɽnEngnuisance3.जकड़ जकड़cn
जकड़ जकड़dʒəkəɽ dʒəkəɽcnEngnuisance3. ofजकड़ph. v.जकड़ जकड़ होऊकcomVb
जकड़ जकड़ होऊकdʒəkəɽ dʒəkəɽ houkcomVbEngto become a nuisance; to become bad3. v. ofजकड़ जकड़redup. ofजकड़होऊक
जकतीdʒəktinEnga tray or trough that has a pole handle and that is borne on the shoulder for carrying loads (as of mortar or brick)6.7Tool6.5.3Building materials
जकनाdʒəknaadjEngforkedजकना कीटकाforked stick.जकना बावंस गात्‍तोर आए।It (the net) is the be knotted (made) on the forked bamboo stick.8.3.1Shape8.3.1.5Bendcomp.जकना आँडकीcn
जकना आँडकीdʒəkna ə̃ɖkicn1Engdeformed fingeras when have extra thumb or joined toes2.5.4.5Birth defect2.1.3.3Finger, toe2Engdeformed toe2.5.4.5Birth defect2.1.3.3Finger, toecomp. ofजकनाअँडकी
जकाड़ीdʒəkaɽiadjEngbad people; or animals as when cow or bull stomps on somethingजकाडी लेका।bad boy.
जकाहाdʒəkahacfजकीहीnEngone who mucks around (masc); one who rushes hither and thither (masc)जकाहा लेकाmucking around boy. quickly2.4.3Energetic7.2.1.3Wander
जकीहीdʒəkihicfजकाहाnEngone who mucks around (fem); one who rushes hither and thither (fem)जकीही लेकीmucking around girl. quickly2.4.3Energetic2.6.5.2Woman7.2.1.3Wander
जगदलपूरdʒəɡdəlpurpnEngJagdalpurआनलू आऊर फेर भात खादलू आऊर जगदलपूर नीलू फाँदून भाती।We brought and again we ate rice and we took (the sugar cane) to Jagdalpur after having hitched up (the buffaloes).
जगर पोगरdʒəɡər poɡərcnEngfast workजगर पोगर बूता करेसे।She is doing fast work.कसन जगर पोगर नी करती बोलोत।story form only7.2.1.2Move quickly6.1Workph. v.जगर पोगर नी दकूकcomVb
जगर पोगर नी दकूकdʒəɡər poɡər ni dəkukcomVbEngto show sometimesपरभत जगर पोगर दका देऊ नू आए।The mountain only shows itself sometimes.seems to used only in negative form2.3.1.4Show, let someone seeph. v. ofजगर पोगरनी2दकूक
जगाdʒəɡanEngarea; place; space; spot; corner8.5.4Area8.5.4.3Space, roomcomp.छीड़ा जगाcn
जगारdʒəɡarnEngfestival nametime for dancing and singing in the lunar month kartik dʒon Oct-Nov4.2.2.1Ceremony4.2.2.3Celebrate4.2.2Social event4.2.2.2Festival, show
जटdʒəʈnEngwig worn in dance drama5.4.3.4Hairstyle4.2.4Dance5.4.1Jewelry4.2.5Drama
जड़dʒəɽnEngtaprootHinजड़ roots1.5.5Parts of a plantcomp.ऊपाए जड़cnककीई जड़cnजड़ी बूटीcn
जड़ी बूटीdʒəɽi buʈicn1Engbush type; shrubहून लसून तेल आऊर गुर के फेर हून जड़ी बूटी पानी ने भोगारूआए।She will put in that garlic and raw canesugar with the water of the 'dʒəɽi' bush.1.5.2Bush, shrub1.5.3Grass, herb, vine2Engmedicine from priest2.5.7.5Traditional medicine2.5.7.2Medicinecomp. ofबूटीजड़-ई2 8Rhy
जड़ूdʒəɽunEngwater leechHinजोंक1.6.1.7Insect
जतनाऊकdʒətnaukv1Engto care for when sick by bathing and feedingदूई मोएना मोएँ जतनाले हूनके गूने छांडली।For two months I cared for him therefore he is healed. for2.5.1Sick2.5.2Disease2Engto make good; to make readyas when rub with oil, take bugs out of flour, straighten bent can4.3.4Do good to
जतराdʒətranEngsacrificeHinअनुब्‍ठान; विधिजतरा बोले होली खूब लोग मन के ए मन काए।There was also a sacrifice ceremony involving many people., sacrifice4.9.5Practice religioncomp.जतरा जतरीcnजतरा पानीcnredupजतरा जतरीcn
जतरा जतरीdʒətra dʒətricnEngsacrifice ceremonies4.9.5.5Offering, sacrificecomp. ofredup. ofजतरा
जतरा पानीdʒətra panidial. var.dʒətər panicfपोसू पानीcomp. ofपानीपोसूक2फूजा पानीcomp. ofफूजापानीcnEngholy water; worship waterHinबलि ofपानीजतरा