Halbi - English

डँकाɖə̃kanEngdrumspirit possessed shaman's term for a nãɡra drum4.2.3.5Musical instrument
डग डगɖəɡ ɖəɡcnEngmanner of searching7.6.1Searchredup. ofडगराऊक
डग डग डग दकूकɖəɡ ɖəɡ ɖəɡ dəkukcomVbEngto search with intensityph. v. ofडग डग दकूक
डग डग दकूकɖəɡ ɖəɡ dəkukcomVbEngto search carefully7.6.1Search6.4.1Huntph. v.डग डग डग दकूकcomVb
डगर डगरɖəɡər ɖəɡərcomAdjEngsearching forredup. ofडगराऊक
डगराऊकɖəɡraukvEngto look for; to search forHinखोजना; ढूँढना7.6.1Searchph. v.डाँगरा होऊकcomVbredupडग डगcnडगर डगरcomAdj
डगाऊकɖəɡaukvEngto bounce; to jump over or acrossHinकूद कर पार करना
डँड1ɖə̃ɖHin. borr.təklipn1Engdifficulty4.4.2Trouble6.1.3Difficult, impossible4.4.2.1Problem2Engsufferingantअसतीर2.5.6.1Pain4.4.2.6Suffercomp.डँड करलानीcnph. v.डँड करूकcomVbडँड देऊकcomVb
डँड2ɖə̃ɖadvEnga whilebound stem and occurs with a modifying suffix8.4.1Period of time
डँड करलानीɖə̃ɖ kərlanicnEngheartache3.4Emotioncomp. ofडँड1करलानीder. ofकरूकph. v.डँड करलानी होऊकcomVb
डँड करलानी होऊकɖə̃ɖ kərlani houkcomVb1Engto feel heartache when see suffering of others4.4.4.2Show sympathy, support3.4Emotion2Engto feel compassion2.3Sense, perceive4.4.4.2Show sympathy, support3.4Emotionph. v. ofडँड करलानीcomp. ofडँड1करलानीहोऊक
डँड करूकɖə̃ɖ kərukcomVbEngto suffer4.4.2.6Sufferph. v. ofडँड1करूक
डँड देऊकɖə̃ɖ deukcomVb1Engto tortureHinसताना4.7.7Punish2.5.6.1Pain4.4.2.6Suffer2Engto cause to suffer9.6.2.5Cause4.4.2.6Sufferph. v. ofडँड1देऊक
डँडकीɖə̃ɖkiadvEngawhile8. of the day
डँडाɖə̃ɖan1Engstickused for hitting another piece of wood in the game called iba2Engnose bone; nose cartilage2.1.6Bone, joint2.1.1.3Nosecomp.nak ɖə̃ɖa
डँडा सरनɖə̃ɖa sərəncnEnggreeting type
डँडीɖə̃ɖinEngnose ornamentHinबुलाकgold, hangs from the centre2.1.1.3Nose5.4.1Jewelrycomp.फूली डँडीcn
डँडीकɖə̃ɖikadv1Engsmall amount of time; a little whileडँडीक ले एएँदे।I'll come in a little while.8.4.3Indefinite time2Engsmall amount of time8.4.1Period of time8.4.2.1A short time
डँडेआɖə̃ɖean1Enghook for hanging things onsuch as umbrella, clothes, etc6.7.6Holding tool7. pole for carrying things used to carry deer or other hunted animal and needing two people for each pole.6.7.3Carrying tool7.3.1Carry8.2.2Long
डबɖəbn1Engcontainer for planting6.2.2Land preparation2Engsmall container8.2.1Small6.7.7Container
डबट डबड़ɖəbəʈ ɖəbəɽsoundEnga sound2.3.2.2Sound
डबराɖəbranEngmud puddle; poolHinडब्‍रा, dirt1.3.3Wet
डबलाɖəblanEngleaf dish5.2.1.5Serve food6.7.7Containercomp.डबला दोनाcn
डबला दोनाɖəbla donacfडबलीcnEnglarge leaf dishmade of 4 leaves, used for cooked rice; see Appendixù pix 8e8.2Big6.7.7Containercomp. ofडबलादोना
डबलीɖəblicfडबला दोनाcomp. ofडबलादोनाnEngleaf dishsmall size of a ɖəbla dona and used for cooked rice8.2.1Small6.7.7Container